The Common Room Guidelines

We get so many applications from readers wanting to join The Mavericks, and we hate having to turn people away. Coz we love you all. So welcome to the solution: The Common Room – a place where all young people can have their creations published.

Express yourself

TEARAWAY Magazine is not called The Voice of NZ Youth for nothing. We are here to support and nurture the talents of young Kiwis, and to provide a place for you to have your say. So you can write about anything you like.

Play nice and appropriate

We reserve the right to remove anything that we deem inappropriate, especially for our audience, which is mostly 13 to 24 year-olds. We definitely won’t support anything hateful or offensive in any way – those things are major fails in our eyes.

Make it amazing

This is a great place to practice your writing skills, and we read everything that you submit – so if you submit something that blows our minds, you’ll be next in line for a spot in The Mavericks. Plus, we’ll share our favourite Common Room pieces on our social media pages!

Be your own grammar police

We reserve the right to make any changes to submissions that will increase the chances of them being read. However, we’re not here to edit your work, so if you want people to read it, make sure you use correct spelling and grammar. You can double check this by following these steps:

1. Read it aloud: Does it sound right?

2. Run spellcheck on your computer.

3. Get a friend or family member to read over it and give you feedback.

4. Use this awesome online tool.

Image rules

You must include an image and/or a video link with your submission. An engaging, high-quality picture on a page makes it much more likely to be read.

Here are our rules about images:

1. No images that have copyright. We can’t use anything you’ve found on Google Images, Getty or iStock. Or celeb pics. It’s generally illegal, so if you include these, your post will be removed. Images from the social media pages of celebrities, musos, etc. are generally OK.

2. You must include a credit – either the photographer’s name (if you know it and have their permission) or a link to where you found the original image.

3. Do not include any logos or branded images (a photo you’ve taken yourself of a product is OK).

4. Images should be no larger than 200kb. You may have to resize them before you send them.

5. If you are stuck for images, try this.

Give credit where it’s due

If you’re using ANY content you didn’t create yourself, you need to credit it by including links to where you found it. This means images, videos, other articles or recipes – anything really. Credit where it’s due! How would you feel if you saw something you made being used and someone taking all the glory for it? Pretty stink. Also, it’s super illegal.

Be cool

We don’t mind if you want to share a Facebook page (for example a project you’re working on, or a band you’re in) as part of your article (or story, review, poem…). However, if you’re just trying to promote a competition or another blog or business, we’ll take the post down. BUT, if this is something you do want to do, chat to us – we can probably find a way to work together on it!


Published? Share away, so the MOST people will see your awesome stuff. Tag us in on FacebookTwitter and Instagram (#TearawayMag) and if you share the content on your own blog, don’t forget to add: Posted on somewhere.

Questions? Feedback?

This is a platform for you to express yourself and gain experience as a writer. You can ask for help at any time by emailing [email protected]

And if you want feedback on your work, we’ll happy provide it – but only if you ask.