The 1975

Logan Campbell Centre

January 20th 2015


JESS SUO and PATRICK CAMPBELL are at it again… This time they took on The 1975 and its near-insane crowd. Read on for our review and pics!


I have been waiting for this show a long time. Big Day Out tickets lost in the mail, and a string of other catastrophes have held me back from seeing one of my favourite bands live for well over a year now. Luckily, they did not disappoint.

Before I get onto how great the gig was, I’m just going to have a moan quickly.

The show – whilst amazing – had the worst crowd I have ever been in. I go to concerts on a weekly basis, so I know what to expect from a moshpit, and I know how to behave in one. This crowd did not. It was upsetting and extremely annoying to see people falling over and crying because the latecomers would not stop pushing forward and trying to move to the front. It was also pretty crappy to be hit, spat on and sworn at by young girls, guys and guys that were probably older than me, simply because of my height. I ended up spending most of the gig on the fringes of the crowd, where I was receiving fewer threats.

Whether this all came from the massive amount of alcohol that was being consumed outside seems unlikely, but I can guarantee it played a part. There is no point going to a show if you are just going to get drunk and ruin it for others; it’s as simple as that.  

But, despite all that, The 1975 were insane; truly incredible, passionate, talented and badass. Not only did they manage to get through a vast majority of their back catalogue (spanning four EPs, an album, and a couple of extra singles), but they also managed to do so with barely any visual element – and it wasn’t boring in the slightest.

The stage was set with their instruments, and slowly the lights dimmed as the band came on to thunderous applause (the crowd may have been terrible, but they were definitely appreciative). 

Throughout the 90-minute set, it was simple white lighting and fog, nothing more. This meant that it was easy for the crowd to focus on the band, as they showed everyone what has made them one of the most talked about groups in the world. 


Whether it was the singles, like Heart Out – which featured the most amazing saxophonist (who played with the band on and off all night) – or their older tracks like You, the crowd was into it. 

You was my favourite of the night, as it is my favourite song by The 1975. They were simply incredible; their vibe as a band is nonchalant, but it’s also electric.

Although they were scheduled to play for an hour and a quarter, Matty was only halfway through Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You at the end of that time. This heartfelt piano ballad was the beginning of a five-song encore. The centrepiece of this was the emotional, raw Robbers. My friends and I nearly shed a tear during this track. 

This kickass band finished the night with Chocolate and Sex. These two fast-paced tracks were a beautiful end to an interesting night. 


Summed up:

1) The 1975 are amazing

2) The crowd was terrible and generally upsetting

3) I want to see The 1975 again and again (but maybe in a different venue)

Check out Jess Suo's photos here

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