Admit it, you stalk people on Instagram. We all do it and we all love to do it. So here’s a list of 10 of our favourite young Instagrammers from New Zealand, for you to fall in love with just like we did!

1. Liam Miscellaneous (waverider_)

Liam recreates photos of our favourite celebrities, some 'serious' (like this one of Ruby Rose) and some totally hilarious. This 19-year-old has made quite a name for himself creating these images and has gained a following of over 1.6 million! He has now moved on to writing a book about depression which is so important, so go give this dude a follow! We've also got an interview with him coming soon - stay tuned....

2. Ricky Collier (rickycollier)

Ricky is a 19-year-old traveller with a passion for photography and videography. His Instagram reflects his talent and it’s definitely the coolest ‘gram I’ve ever seen. He is currently living in New York and is living his life to the max. Plus he’s totally good-looking… So go make that blue button green!

3. Kristina Webb (colour_me_creative)

Yes, that’s right… This prodigious talent comes from our very own little New Zealand. Kristina Webb, who now lives in LA, has followed her dreams and even ticked ‘Draw for Disney’ off her bucket list! She’s a huge inspiration to young Kiwis. She has produced two breathtaking books (Colour Me Creative and Colour Me Inspired) that encourage everyone to embrace their creative side. Check out our interview with Kristina here.

4. Jamie Curry (jaamiecurry)

Jamie Curry is a 20-year-old social media star from Hawkes Bay! Her fame on YouTube has brought her a huge following of over 400k on Instagram. She doesn’t follow a theme on Instagram and posts what she wants. She is absolutely hilarious and we love her style. I mean c’mon, just look at her… GORGEOUS! Her happy vibe is contagious and super cool to see. She has travelled and toured - in April of this year she toured with Amplify, alongside people like Kian and Jc, Tyde Levi, Tyler Oakley and Andrea Russett.

5. Chase (chasevseverything)

Chase is a creator who is so talented and is seriously exciting for young Kiwis into their film and photography. He travels all over and documents his adventures with stunning videos on his YouTube channel. He carries a certain cinematographic talent we all wish we had!

6. Caito Potatoe (caito_potatoe)

WHAT A QUEEN! Caito Potatoe is a 19-year-old YouTuber with over 200k subscribers! But it’s her Instagram we can’t get enough of. From flawless selfies to cute photos of her dog, Jerry, her account is all in black and white so that “dogs, cats and colour blind people are all welcome.” But for those of you seeking hue, she does have another account where she posts in colour (caito.jpg). Yaaay double Caito!

7. Benny Osborne (bennymcnugget)

Benny Osborne is possibly the cutest kid to come out of New Zealand. And most definitely one of the most aesthetically pleasing Instagrammers, with over 31k followers! I could literally stalk for hours. He is a YouTuber from Auckland who has since moved to LA in pursuit of many more exhilarating goals.

8. Kasper Tait (kaspertait)

Kasper Tait is a 19-year-old YouNow star with 31k followers. In October 2015 he almost reached 10,000 viewers on a live broadcast! His Instagram is definitely stalkworthy and it looks so fresh, radiating those happy vibes.

9. Stefan Haworth (stefan_haworth)

The jealousy is real with this one. Stefan lives in Queenstown and has over 27k followers on Instagram. His ‘gram is so easy to get lost in. His photos are so compelling and his will for adventure encourages me out of the house and into the wild! He also has the cutest captions, like the caption for this photo was, “When you pretend you're in Bali to surprise her for her birthday.” I mean how cute is that? His follow button craves your click.

10. Joshua Middleton (middletonjoshua)

And last but definitely not least, Joshua Middleton! His photography is so jaw-dropping, my chin is still on the ground. He’s got an eye for fascinating images and executes them exceptionally. He lives in Hamilton City and has over 500 followers on Instagram, so keep an eye open for this up and coming star! Go give him a follow and share his valuable work around.

Know someone else you think should be on this list? Comment below or follow @TearawayMag on Insta to tell us!