Stop what you’re doing. Make an excuse to leave the room, grab some headphones, find a quiet spot, and get ready to hear new noises. It’s Friday, and that means it’s time to catch up on music releases.


Hopetoun Brown Put It Down

These fullas from Auckland are infectious, and their new track, Put It Down, is patient zero. It will straight up groove it’s way through your ears, flood your brain with dopamine, and have you uncontrollably bobbing to the brass until you boogie yourself into a coma. Pray that once you wake up it’s the 16th of March already, because the duo have revealed today that their new nine-track album, Don’t Let Them Lock You Up is set to drop then. Get it in your earholes.


Unknown Mortal Orchestra share another new track

UMO’s new track Not in Love We’re Just High is dominated by a detached, staccato-ridden vocal performance that centers on the realisation that a couple aren’t actually in love. As the song acquires a danceable kick drum and hissing, lo-fi hi-hats, it becomes clear that this realisation isn’t necessarily a sad one. In actual fact, it’s rather liberating, and the song reaches a vibrant, cheerful conclusion to back this up before settling back into the keys that have held the whole tune together. Of course it’s mandatory that I mention once again that this immensely talented bloke is a Kiwi.


CHVRCHES release My Enemy, announce new album, Love Is Dead

Given the names of these releases aren’t exactly about pleasant topics, it’s not that much of a stretch to imagine that CHVRCHES’ new album may not be quite as anthemic as their last two when it’s dropped on 25th May. Here’s the catch though: even when CHVRCHES are bitter, they’re bittersweet.

My Enemy is a duet that features Matt Berninger of The National fame. Although the track seems to be something of a final conversation between himself and Lauren Mayberry at the end of a relationship, the music itself is still warm and inviting. It’s that familiar CHVRCHES blanket that you can throw over yourself as you sip on a one-and-a-half health star rated Milo on a cold winter day. Though you might just end up crying a little.


Childish Gambino to unleash new music upon New Zealand specifically

Don’t ask me why, but a crowd full of Kiwis will have the privilege of being the testing ground for some new Gambino tunes. Ya boi Donald announced that “an immersive virtual reality, multi-sensory concert experience” will take place between 23-25th November in Auckland, and that the audience can “expect new music in some capacity.” Ain’t that a rare treat for a bunch of humans this far south of the equator?


El-P chops up Lorde, Killer Mike accomplice

Worry not, Lorde is happy with this development. As a matter of fact, when Run The Jewels- who are about to embark on a tour with Lorde- posted the remix of her track Supercut, she responded by saying, “i love it. so much.” And she’s right to, because it’s pure class. El was right when he said that we’re getting used to him doing no wrong, and this serves as further proof of that fact. Claim your free download of the track here.


And finally…

Anderson .Paak has come out of left field to stake his claim on March’s first Jam of the Week. He’s recently been the star of perhaps the best series of advertisements for drumsticks ever created, which culminated in this sweet and sudden rendition of Get Bigger.


JACK LEONARD is a Cinema and Media graduate with a penchant for dogs that look like wolves. He’s a music enthusiast who divides his time evenly between consuming unhealthy amounts of media and getting lost in forests.