The 2015 New Zealand International Film Festival kicks off in Auckland today and is set to showcase some awesome films and documentaries.

So today I've picked twelve of the most promising films that I really, really, really want to check out. But you might be like me and not live in the bustling metropolis that is Auckland. Never fear! The NZIFF is making its way around the country, starting in Wellington next weekend. I'm just hoping that when it makes its way to the glorious Manawatu, these twelve films make the programme.

1. Dope

This is the one I am looking forward to the most. Dope sees three high school kids obsessed with the 90's get roped into trafficking drugs on the streets of LA. Described as a "fast, funny LA street comedy", Dope has been getting rave reviews overseas and now us Kiwis can get to see it as well. I can't wait.

Photo: Open Road Films

Trailer - Dope

3. The Wolfpack

This documentary follows six brothers and their one sister, who spent their childhood locked by their father into their Manhattan apartment. To bide the time they would watch movies and then make their own versions. The Wolfpack sounds like the premise for a comedy film, but it is all true and should be a really interesting watch.

Photo: Magnolia Pictures

Trailer - The Wolfpack

5. Turbo Kid

This looks to be quirky, strange, funny, original, fresh - just plain fantastic. Turbo Kid (a Canadian/New Zealand co-production) is set in the post-apocalyptic future of 1997, where the evil Zeus controls the supply of water. Comic-obsessed Kid spends his time scavenging for goods to trade for water and one day comes across a new best friend, Apple. When Apple is kidnapped by Zeus, Kid will stop at nothing to get her back. Paying homage to classic 80's action movies, Turbo Kid looks to be a real treat.

Photo: Epic Pictures Group

Trailer - Turbo Kid

7. A Most Violent Year

Set in the 80s, A Most Violent Year is about Abel, owner of an independent oil company and on the verge of the big time. He wants to grow his business by purely legitimate means, but his mob-daughter wife has other plans. A Most Violent Year looks to be a unique and entertaining thriller.

Photo: Village Roadshow

Trailer - A Most Violent Year

9. Results

Results is a rom com, but looks to be an original one. Trevor is the owner of a Texas gym called Power 4 Life and employs a hardcore trainer named Kat. Their regimes are upended when a newly rich Danny, who seems to have never exercised a day in his life, comes to town and starts being trained by Kat - who Danny takes an interest in. My synopsis makes it seem pretty average, but watch the trailer and you'll see it looks promising.

Photo: Magnolia Pictures

Trailer - Results

11. Experimenter

You have probably heard of the ethically questionable experiments carried out by Stanley Milgram in the 60s, where he tested people's obedience to authority figures by having participants electrocute people at increasing levels of intensity whenever they got a question wrong. This is a film about that man and his experiment.

Photo: Magnolia Pictures

Clip - Experimenter

2. 99 Homes

99 Homes, starring Andrew Garfield and Michael Shannon, looks to be a powerful thriller tackling corruption and inequality. Dennis Nash (Garfield) makes a deal with downright evil douchebag real estate agent Rick Carver (Shannon) to get his house back, after Nash and his family are foreclosed on; where Nash will do Carver's bidding, no matter how dangerous or illegal it might be.

Photo: Broad Green Pictures

Trailer - 99 Homes

4. When Marnie Was There

When Marnie Was There is the latest film from acclaimed animation house Studio Ghibli. It sees 12-year-old Anna sent to stay at the sea with her aunt and uncle while she recovers from asthma. There, she comes across an abandoned mansion where she meets Marnie, a mysterious girl she spots through a window and from there a friendship blossoms. The trailer gives off an awesomely sleepy and mysterious ambience; the movie is guaranteed to be a good one.

Photo: Madman/Studio Ghilbi

Trailer - When Marnie Was There

6. The Lobster

This one seems strange, but strange in a good way. The Lobster is set in a world where singles must couple up or be turned into animals of their choosing. Very weird.

Photo: Sony Pictures

Clip - The Lobster

8. Grandma

When Elle's 16-year-old granddaughter Sage turns up pregnant, she sets about making sure everyone who should be helping her does. This looks quirky and hilarious.

Photo: Sony Pictures

Trailer - Grandma

10. Inherent Vice

Ever since I saw the trailer for this movie I have wanted to see it. Joaquin Phoenix stars as a beach bum private investigator in this 70s-set, Paul Thomas Anderson-directed crime comedy.

Photo: Warner Bros.

Trailer - Inherent Vice

12. Ex Machina

A sci-fi flick for ya, Ex Machina sees Caleb, a staff member at a tech firm, win a lottery to meet the reclusive founder, Nathan. While there, Caleb is introduced to Ava, a human-like robot that Nathan has been working on, and is asked to perform a Turing test to see if Ava can pass for human. However, it would seem things don't go smoothly. This looks pretty cool.

Photo: Universal Pictures

Trailer - Ex Machina