It just recently ticked over nine years since Everwood finished its run on The WB. Many people have this notion that Everwood is like the dreadful 7th Heaven. It is not. Here I will argue my case.

Everwood, Everwood, Everwood. Just the name of the show warms my bitter heart.

I am quite proudly an Everwood evangelical. If I can get you to watch just one episode of Everwood, I will be a happy chappy. And it shouldn’t really be that hard; it is a great show.

But somewhere along the line, I think people wrote it off as some cheesy, unoriginal piece of television filler. You might be thinking along these lines and are about to stop reading and hop on the YouTubes or something, but just wait; I bet I can get you to give it a shot.

So, Everwood basically follows the story of the Brown family. Andy Brown is a world-famous New York brain surgeon who puts his job before his family. One night, before his son’s piano recital, his wife dies in a car crash. This throws his world upside down and Andy decides to move his family to Everwood, Colarado – much to his son Ephram’s chagrin – to open a general practice where he doesn’t charge a thing and hopefully grows closer to his children.

The basic premise might make it sound cheesy and not all that exciting, but it is definitely one of the best teen drama’s of the ’00s.

Who doesn’t like a bit of good old-fashioned family drama? I know I do! Everwood has bucket loads of it. But I’m not talking about dumb cliche stuff like ‘Daughter A is caught cheating on her homework test’; Everwood’s drama tends to run much deeper.

One of the core tensions is between Andy and his son Ephram. It is fascinating to watch the development of their relationship and all of its ups and downs over the course of the series.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a teen drama without a love interest, and in Everwood, that would be Amy.

I am such an Ephram and Amy shipper. I’m pretty sure every true fan is.

Theirs is a complicated relationship. From the get-go, it is clear that Ephram has feelings for Amy, but Amy already has a boyfriend who is in a coma from a brain injury. And whose Dad just so happens to be a leading brain surgeon? Their at times blossoming and other times troubled relationship is one of the best things about Everwood.

But Amy is much more than just a love interest and throughout the series we really see her develop as a character.

The writing is really good too. From the stories and topics that are explored to the actual dialogue, it is all stellar.

A monologue about humanity’s inability to change is one of my favourites and is absolutely beautiful.

*wipes away tears*

Ahem, another bonus is that Chris Pratt was in Everwood.

Yes! That Chris Pratt.

He played Amy’s older brother Bright. To start with, Bright is an absolute d-bag, but as the series progresses, he starts to become more like that guy we all want to be friends with.

Bright is just one of the many great characters on the show. You will grow to love everyone…well, almost everyone anyway.

These are just some of the many things that Everwood has to offer. If this still hasn’t convinced you to give it a shot, I beg of you to at least watch the first episode. It is superb and will hopefully leaving you hanging for more.