Back in January a certain quote from 1996’s A Very Brady Sequel took Tumblr by storm:

The quote itself comes from a very funny scene in the film in which Jan Brady claims to have a boyfriend named George Glass to which Marcia is not-so-subtly skeptical.


Photo: Paramount Pictures

This scene has since been fodder for many GIFs and other images that have been doing the rounds on Tumblr. But I wonder how many people have actually seen the films. Not many I’m guessing, but you all should.

The Brady Bunch Movie and it’s sequel A Very Brady Sequel, released in 1995 and 1996 respectively, both poke fun at and pay homage to the classic sitcom The Brady Bunch. In both films the family is placed in 1990’s America while they remain stuck in the zeitgeist of the 70’s with tartan pants and lots of orange.

In the first film the Bradys are threatened with losing their home after failing to pay property taxes and in the second Carol’s first ‘husband’ (in a nod to the fact that he is never mentioned in the TV series) returns, throwing the family into chaos. Yes, the plots sound like those from the cheesy 70’s sitcom, and that’s the idea. Everything in the films loving pokes fun at its source material.

One of the best parts of both films is the culture clash between the Bradys and the rest of the world and how the Bradys are oblivious to it all. They go about wearing their 70’s fashions and listening to Davy Jones while the rest of the world is decked out in grunge and listens to Nirvana.

It also pokes fun at certain tropes in the TV series. In the series Mike Brady was always there to give the kids advice and in the movies it’s no different, except he now delivers winning quotes like “As a wise man once said: Wherever you go, there you are.” (This has since become my personal motto.)

They have even made the Brady’s home seem like a TV set. From the lighting to the multicam style of shooting it all feels like a TV show. But when they step out of the house all of a sudden everything feels more real. This contrast helps to emphasise the Brady’s difference to the rest of the world.

There are also some great musical numbers which are catchy and hilarious. We get to see the kids sing It’s a Sunshine Day as they dance around a Sears department store, perform Keep On in a talent contest, parade around town singing It’s Time to Change, and perform Good Time Music on a plane. The best part? All of these songs are actually from the series.

It’s interesting looking at a movie series that is twenty years old which parodies a series that at the time was not much older. An issue with parodies is that they can age rapidly and unless you know all about the culture of the time they lose their punch. But I don’t think this is an issue with The Brady Bunch films. While obviously those with a love for the original series will probably get more out of them, the culture clash and the campy ridiculousness of the films makes them enjoyable for those who know nothing about the series.

So go on, track down the movies and watch them in all their glory. I think you’re gonna love them.