The critically acclaimed, but wildly under-watched television series Parks and Recreation came to an end on FOUR this week, after seven seasons.

Many of you are probably going "Parks and Recreation, I have never heard of such a show. Maybe it is not very good and that is why I have never heard of it." Shut your mouth. You are wrong. It is one of the best sitcoms in recent years, maybe ever.

There is no best character on the show - they are all great in their own way. Yes, I'm talking like a mother discussing her children, so what? But one of the most beloved characters by fans of the show is Ron Swanson.

Ron Swanson is a man among men, steadfast in his beliefs and his love of breakfast food. So, this week I am giving you the privilege to watch some YouTube clips that showcase Ron in all his glory. Enjoy.

P.S. Unfortunately some of the best clips have had 'embedding disabled', more than likely for 'copyright reasons'. So, once you have had a hearty laugh over the clips below, fire up YouTube, type in 'ron swanson pyramid of greatness' then 'ron swanson internet' then 'ron swanson strongly worded letters' then 'ron swanson eating a banana'. Or you can just click the links. I suppose that is easier.

I Hate Everything

Ron is made to go on a trip with men who previously had his job. He doesn't like it.

Vegan Bacon

Ron is a proud meat eater who doesn't like vegetables. He especially doesn't like vegetables masquerading as meat.

I Know What I'm About Son

The title says it all.

Ron's Transformation

Ron has two ex-wives, Tammy 1 and Tammy 2. Both are evil. Here Tammy 1 has completely changed Ron from the man we love in to a complete stranger.

All the Bacon and Eggs

Give the man his eggs.

Ron Hates Europe

Ron loves America and basically hates everywhere else. Especially Europe.

Ron's Drunk Dancing

Ron enjoys a drink and has a high tolerance for alcohol. It is therefore a privilege to witness this.

Ron Ignores Complainant

You would ignore her as well.