SPOILER ALERT – If you haven’t yet seen the latest episode of The Walking Dead turn away now.

That was a fairly revealing episode of The Walking Dead. Story development wise not much happened, I mean all they did was arrive at Noah’s old community of Shirewilt and upon finding it ravaged scoped it out a bit. However, we not only learnt the trajectory for the rest of the season, but also what went on in the mind of Tyresse in his last moments.

This episode served as a goodbye and a set-up for the future.

A major theme of this episode seems to me to be meaning, does anything matter anymore?

Firstly, this plays out in Tyresse’s hallucinations. Between the radio transmissions about the Republic fighting the Rebels (Star Wars is all I can think about here) we see those who have died act out Tyreese’s internal struggle.

That guy who almost killed Judith at the start of the season tries to convince Tyreese that had he done things slightly differently perhaps they would have gone drastically differently (a la The Butterfly Effect). Bob counters this saying things went the way they had to. The Governor claims you have to earn your keep, the bill must be paid.

Does it really matter what decisions Tyreese made? Would it all have ended up the same?

While this all goes on we see Lizzie, Mika and Beth try to comfort him and convince him to let go. “It’s better now.” “It’s okay.” Eventually Tyreese listens to the girls.

It was quite surprising to see another character die having lost Beth in the last episode, but the way it was handled was excellent. It also wasn’t for shock value, as with all deaths in this show, it appears to serve the story.

It’s not only Tyreese who was challenged with meaning in this world. Rick and Glenn, in a bit of down time, talk about what happened at the hospital.

Rick says he wanted to kill Dawn (which Daryl did), even though he knew her shooting Beth was an accident. Later on, Glenn, when they are confronted with the dismembered corpses strewn around the forest, tells Rick it doesn’t matter who killed her. Emphasis on it doesn’t matter.

Speaking of the dismembered corpses, it will be interesting to see who did this. Will the group run into them? It would seem they will.

It is also at this point that we see the direction the rest of the season is likely to take. Michonne proposes they continue to Washington. Even though mullet headed Eugene was lying, he knew the best place to go would be Washington. Rick agrees.

I look forward to seeing how Rick and the gang continue on. How will they hold on to hope when the future looks so bleak?