With over 30,000 people in attendance, Splendour is the largest winter festival in Australia, and for some reason I decided that I should attend it alone. So I did. Luckily I made some friends quickly, and ended up having a rad time and saw so many of my favourite people play.


Day 1: Jenny, Mark and dodgy headwear

At the start of Friday, I had no friends, but by lunchtime I had a bunch of exciting people to hang out with, and had already seen some amazing acts. Urban Cone were the first act I saw. I’d never heard of them before, but after their electrifying set I became obsessed.

Following that, I went out alone again to see Jenny Lewis. Growing up with her music meant that this was a pretty exciting thing for me and she honestly blew me away. She didn’t draw a massive crowd at first, but by the end hundreds of people were there cheering her on and singing along. Her set was only 45 minutes, which meant that she couldn’t play all her best songs, but she got through most and even had some extended jam times.

After that, it was all about food. The food at Splendour was insane. Pasta, burgers, Asian, ice cream, brunch foods, Grill’d – they had it all. There were too many choices and I think I wasted so many opportunities. Honestly, next year I might just go for a SplendourFoods tour. Whilst getting food, I also began to people-watch, and that’s when I saw them…

Indian headdresses. THESE ARE NOT OKAY TO WEAR. These are not a fashion accessory and shouldn’t be thrown around like they’re nothing. Other than that, there were a lot of metallic tattoos, and fringing on clothes.

That was my attempt at fashion blogging.

A highlight of the first night was dancing in the rain to Of Monster And Men. They were mesmerising on stage and had the ultimate festival vibes. In between them and Mark Ronson, the rain began to pour down, it got freezing, and most people left. We managed to stay for most of Mark Ronson’s set, but in the end we had to abandon and start the long walk back to the car. What we did see of his show, however, was amazing; it made my life seeing him perform. He had an awesome setup and heaps of great guests with him.

Day 1 Highs:

Jenny Lewis singing Silver Lining, me then crying, and her noticing me crying.
Of Monsters And Men being the most beautiful Icelandic people at the festival.
Mark Ronson bringing his A game, even in the rain.

Day 1 Lows:

The rain
Being alone for the first few hours
The mud
Cultural appropriation


Day 2: Florence slays me

This was probably my biggest day at the festival. There were a lot of acts on that I wanted to see, and it wasn’t raining. It was hot, it was buzzing and everyone was excited for the antics.

Eves the Behavior opened the Mix Up tent and she killed it. I’ve had a love and fascination for this Aussie artist for a while now. She debuted some of the material off her new self-titled EP. TV went off and I was jamming out so hard.

Next we saw Elliphant kill it. She bought incredible party vibes to the afternoon and was ruthless. She had passionate banter, and even with her thick accent, you could hear her slay every song.

After Elliphant, everything became a quick rush. Years & Years took to the stage late and with borrowed equipment after theirs had been lost in Canada. They played a short set but it was still nice. The highlights were definitely the ballads; Memo and Eyes Shut. Both songs are so beautiful and Olly Alexander’s voice truly shines in them.

I got to meet Years & Years, which was so awesome. They were incredibly lovely people. Then I ran off to Jarryd James’ set. The tent was so packed I couldn’t even get inside, but I could still see and hear him bringing the house down. From Jarryd, it was back to the main stage and by the end of the night I had the quads of a marathon runner.

Azealia Banks was fierce, but Florence + The Machine took the cake. I love Florence, so much, and she blew me away once again at Splendour. The band’s set was full-on. They even played some of my favourite early tracks – I cried during Cosmic Love. By the end of their set I was an emotional wreck.

Day 2 Highs:

Florence. She was so insanely good. I can’t deal with my feels.
Elliphant was a surprising highlight; she killed it.
The lack of rain.

Day 2 Lows:

The mud.
The heat kinda slaughtered me.
The crowd during Azealia Banks was terrible.


Day 3: BAE goals achieved
We had a late start on the Sunday. MØ started at 2:45, so we got a sleep-in and had some time to regroup. Luckily we made it in time for MØ; she was incredible. Most people only sang along to Lean On, but there were great vibes nonetheless and she pulled a massive crowd with her infectious music.

After MØ I floated around for a bit and then prepared for MS MR by watching ALPINE. They were awesome. And by the end of their set I was clutching a blow-up flamingo and was at the barrier for MS MR.

I’ve been waiting nearly three years to see MS MR perform, and they did not disappoint. Right from the beginning of their set I was entranced and obsessed. Lizzy was singing No Guilt in Pleasure with me and Max winked at me because they are all the BAE goals. It was life-changing and the best way to end my festival.

After that I spent an hour trying to pack up my flooded tent, but I couldn’t do it, so I had to abandon it. Then we drove back to Brisbane and it got really emotional.

Day 3 Highs:

MS MR killing me.
MS MR again.
The entire festival.

Day 3 Lows:

Missing Tame Impala.
The mud.

In conclusion, let’s rename it Splendour In The Mud.