The Outlook for Someday film challenge gets better and better every year! In 2016, the standards were set higher than ever, with entrants showing amazing technical and storytelling skills. Today we’re proud to share with you the 20 winning films of the year.

In case you haven’t heard, the aim of this challenge is to make a short film about sustainability. You can work individually or in a team, and there are many different ways to interpret ‘sustainability’. Anyone up to the age of 24 can enter so, if you’re young and keen, why not give it a go?

Entries for the 2017 Someday Challenge are open until September 8th, so you have heaps of time to think about what you want to film. Head to their website for all the info, and for inspiration, check out these award-winning movies by young Kiwis!


Dog Island Motu Piu
Animated Docudrama
Made by Sarah Ridsdale
The Body Shop Standout Winner, Department of Conservation Big Picture Award

A claymation docudrama about conserving New Zealand’s native flora and fauna told through the eyes of Tua and Tara.


Our Superheroes
Made by Luka Wolfgram
New Zealand On Air Audience Favourite, Stephens Lawyers Media Empowerment Award

A documentary that raises awareness about the personal and community impact of childhood cancer.


The Ultimate Sacrifice
Made by Hunter Williams and Calum Davies
New Zealand Film Commission Film-making Achievement Award

A documentary about a man who is headed to Mars, and what that means for his family and humanity.


Made by Philadelphia Mete Kingi Kingsford-Brown
Enviroschools Sustainable Future Award

An uplifting portrait of happiness sustaining people and their community.


Behind The Eyes
Made by the Anti Suicide Squad
Ministry of Youth Development Community Participation Award

A conversation starter on teenage mental health.


He Kākano
Made by Kiriata
Māori Television Whakatipuranga Award

A story about the importance of keeping te reo Māori alive and thriving in New Zealand.


Made by Faga Tuigamala
The Pasifika Award

A documentary exploring how young people connect with music in schools.


Made by Grace Maguire
New Zealand Film Commission Young Women Film-makers Award

A cautionary tale about technology and the need to look up from our devices.


The New Kid
Made by Cameron White
The Lowdown Award

A confronting depiction of high school bullying.


The Pink Triangle
Animated Drama
Made by Maizy Grace Kingsford-Brown Mete Kingi
Karma Cola People and Planet Award

A symbolic film about social diversity and inclusion.


The Juice Box Bandit
Silent Movie
Made by Samarah Basir and Kristy Goundar
Auckland Council Film-maker Award

A silent film in which Sheriff Water Bottle squares up against a wasteful outlaw.


Made by Neihana Lowe and Callum Robinson
The Wireless Storytelling Award

A quirky satire about unsustainable packaging.


It Can Be Different
Video Essay
Made by Isla Christensen
Photogear Cinematography Award

A young woman advocates for the future of our environment.


Glad to Sea You’re On Board
Made by Alice Guerin
Weta Digital Media Award

An informative call to action on over-fishing.


Made by Darwin Velasco and Bo Treat
O’Halloran North Shore Young Voices for Change Award

A drama tackling issues of poverty and identity in the modern world through an international student’s eyes.


Video Essay
Made by Sarah Kolver
Rockstock Sustainable Lifestyle Award

A poetic take on the industrialisation of nature.


Do You Ever Wish
Video Essay
Made by Ash Bol
The Adam & Eve Show Secondary School Film-makers Award

A video essay that uses the power of community to address identity and acceptance.


Just Another Word
Made by Mercedes van Royen
What Now Primary/Intermediate School Film-makers Award

A personal perspective on depression and suicide.


Tama Iti
Video Essay
Made by Weekend Warriors – The Creative Kind
Tearaway Secondary School Performance Award

A story connecting with tikanga Māori and passing on guardianship through generations.


The Demise of the Bees
Animated Docudrama
Made by Jiddles Movies
Upstart Magazine Primary/Intermediate School Performance Award

An animated insight into how our survival depends on plants, pollen, nectar and our buzzy friends.


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