Mitchell Baber (lead guitar, vocals), Fergus White (bass) and Luke Walsh (drums), are the three boys that make up The Big Gus, an alternative, blues-based rock band from Green Bay High School. The fun three-piece band are ready to have a rocking time at Smokefreerockquest National Finals, and we can’t wait to see them in action.


Tell us a little bit about yourselves. How would you describe your musical style? What makes you different? 

We are a three piece alternative rock band from Green Bay High School, West Auckland. Luke and Mitchell are 17 years old and Fergus is 18. The aspect of our band that makes us unique is our drive to make new and different material on a regular basis. Our motive for being in a band and writing music is purely to have fun as a trio of good mates.


Who are your musical influences/role model?

Our musical influences remain quite local. We are all big fans of New Zealand music.  We have been heavily inspired by Heroes For Sale who are a former Green Bay High School Band. We also find a lot of inspiration from the support of our family and friends.


Favourite song to listen to at the moment?

MitchellOne Sock by The Checks
LukePyro by Kings of Leon
Fergus: Horsemouth by Ghostwave


Why did you enter Smokefreerockquest?

Our main intention for entering Smokefreerockquest was for our music to be heard by a larger audience. It’s also a tradition among Green Bay High School bands to do so, which is strongly driven by our brilliant music teacher, Jeni Little.


What are you most excited about for the finals?

Playing to our family and friends whilst being on stage with each other is what we are most excited about. The fact that we are also playing alongside our friends Courtney Hate and Joe Says No really excites us too.


What do you think about NZ’s music industry currently?

There is less and less money going towards musicians as the numbers of CD purchases decrease and the digital downloads increase. But that’s just the reality of the digital age. Big New Zealand competitions such as Play it Strange and Smokefreerockquest are brilliant for up and coming bands and artists. It gives them a chance for their music to be heard and be exposed to the great opportunities that the music industry has.


Any advice to people wishing to enter Rockquest?

We heavily advise to do it for fun and not let the idea of competition get to you. Fun is the ideal policy for us and we highly recommend it.