The soloist Solomon Cook, from St Peter’s School, Cambridge is an exciting, up and coming singer to watch. He’s a blues, soul, alternative singer and guitarist with a gravelly voice you’re sure to fall in love with. He’s making New Zealand’s music industry proud and we can’t wait to see him at the National Finals.


Tell us a little bit about yourself. How would you describe your musical style? What makes you different? 

I would say my style is a mix of blues, soul and alternative. I think the aspect that makes be particularly different is my voice.


Who are your musical influences/role model?

Influences for me I would say are John Mayer, Eric Clapton and Matt Corby. I don’t think I have a particular role model, but I do really admire the success of Kimbra and Lorde.


Favourite song to listen to at the moment?

My favourite song at the moment would probably have to be ‘That Black Bat Liquorice’ by Jack White, gooood tune.


Why did you enter Smokefree Rockquest?

I entered because it was my final year in SFRQ. I have been in it 5 years in a band and as a soloist, and I thought: ‘Why not give it one more shot and see what happens’.


What are you most excited about for the finals?

What makes me excited about the final is the chance of winning and gaining the exposure.


What do you think about New Zealand’s music industry currently?

I feel the NZ music industry has great potential to grow as it has a huge amount of talent within it that just needs to be found.


What’s your advice to people wishing to enter Smokefree?
Don’t be afraid, because there aren’t any expectations to be amazing, just do it to perform and have fun. It’s a great experience to have in a friendly environment.