Mia Sohnge – Taradale High School

Describe your sound in four words
I always get this question about my sound, but I find it hard to answer as I don’t really like to sound like anything else, I like to sound like me! But I’ll try: acoustic, fresh, meaningful, emotional.

Who would you love to play with?
If I could jam with any band in the world I would definitely choose the Red Hot Chili Peppers; they are my all time favourite band and I love their sound/music.

What would be on your ultimate playlist?
In my ultimate playlist there would be a bit of everything. I love listening to rock, reggae and jazz/acoustic sounds, but also songs you can sing along to, and a few throwbacks too. So definitely the Chilis, Nirvana, Queen, Six60, Sticky Fingers, and I also love Rihanna.

What do you love about NZ music?
I love that NZ music usually sounds like a really chilled jam session where heaps of ideas are used. NZ music is usually really easy listening and is often relatable because of the NZ lifestyle.

What’s the best thing about SFRQ?
The best thing about Smokefreerockquest is that it brings all the songwriting bands, solos and duos in a community together to listen to and appreciate each others’ music. I love seeing what people can come up with every year and am always really surprised at the amazing quality that Napier has to offer. I’d love to be able to see the national final this year to see the best of the best in New Zealand.


For more info on Smokefreerockquest check out their website.