Meraki (formerly Nomad) – Marlborough Boys’ College

Daniel Hurley – lead vocals, bass
George Young – electric guitar
Jack McRae – drums, backing vocals

Describe your sound in four words:
Not with four words.

What’s the best thing about SFRQ?
I [Daniel] feel as though Smokefreerockquest provides a fantastic opportunity for local bands to present their music in a professional environment that is a ludicrous amount of fun.

What would be on your ultimate playlist?
In terms of bands, probably King Crimson, Pink Floyd, The Heavy, The Beatles and maybe things like Daft Punk, The Kinks, Tool and Ray LaMontagne to spice things up a bit with variety.

Who would you love to perform with?
I [Daniel] love performing with friends that make me feel comfortable and confident in my abilities and have just as much fun as I do when composing, performing and listening to music. It’s hard to explain to a non-musician what it’s like to share a connection with someone in music where you understand what you like, what you dislike and what you’re both trying to achieve together. It’s really something quite special.

Why is NZ music awesome?
New Zealand is an amazing place to make music, simply because the market is so open to anything and it’s easy to establish a small but active and engaged audience. This in turn realistically allows for such a diverse range in music, which I really feel suits our band, considering we’re sort of a fusion between progressive rock, psychedelic rock, space rock and jazz. Without New Zealand’s active audience engagement and open market for music, I really feel that it wouldn’t be likely that we would be taken seriously or listened to at all. It’s this acceptance of literally anything that makes NZ music awesome.


For more info on Smokefreerockquest check out their website.