Briana Allan, Nga Tawa Diocesan School.

Describe your sound in four words:
Fun, chill, bluesy and true.

Who would you love to play with?
I would absolutely love to play with Clare Bowen, she is from the programme Nashville, her music is very similar to mine in the sense of style…and to play with her would be an honor.

What’s your all-time, hands down, favourite album?
I can’t say I have an absolute favourite album as I love variety and listen to a mixture of artists. However an album I am digging at the moment is Oh Wonder from the band ‘Oh Wonder’.

What do you love about NZ music?
I love how true and funky it is. People like Lorde stay true to their style and fans. Also I think every NZ artist has a really unique style. I love how NZ musicians aren’t afraid to step out of the so-called norm and make their music exciting and personal whilst funky and awesome to listen to at the same time.


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