Photos by MAX SHARP


Before and after the spectacle at Smokefreerockquest 2016, we spoke to members of a seriously hyped audience for their take on the show! Here are their responses:

My mates the Daffodils are coming up and I’m really looking forward to them.

Will Savoy

Daffodils! Smokefreerockquest just gives people opportunities.

Tori Ford, Camryn Dyson, Seraphina Gauld, Holly Ma, Tiffany Yeung and Sarah Dixon

We’re supporting O-Boy! and Iris G.

Erika Dunser and Amelia Palmer

I thought it was really good. All the bands were really good. It would’ve been a hard job to be the judge tonight. It’s fantastic for the young bands- it’s just such a good way for them to get out there and meet other people in the industry. It’s fantastic!

Kathryn Oijordshakken

Well, we’re looking forward to seeing our son perform live. He’s one of the finalists; the solo singer/songwriter. We are the parents and here’s the rest of the whanau.

Charlene and Semi Kaufusi

Parents of Sonatane Kaufusi

It’s amazing! Such a lot of talent. It doesn’t really matter what genre you’re into when you come into the venue. Smokefree gives everyone an opportunity, doesn’t it? It’s awesome.

John van Gorp

It was awesome! I got into a lot of heavy metal for the first time. I love all the different kinds of bands.

Rongomai Callaghan

That’s another year of Smokefreerockquest wrapped up. Were you there? Share your thoughts and pictures by commenting below or following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! #TearawayMag