SIT is the place to be for students wanting to get ahead in life without being held back by the usual constraints of studying.

A government accredited tertiary provider, SIT has five campuses throughout New Zealand (Invercargill, Gore, Queenstown, Christchurch and Auckland), offering over 200 programmes, in 33 subject areas, from Certificate through to Masters level.

As of 2018, SIT now also includes the Music + Audio Institute of New Zealand (MAINZ) under its umbrella. With two campuses in Christchurch and Auckland, students can access music and audio specialist courses taught by passionate industry professionals.

2018 also brought the introduction of the government’s fees-free scheme, offering students in their first year of tertiary study, free fees. Invercargill SIT students have the added bonus of also being eligible for the Mayor Tim Shadbolt Accommodation Bursary for Invercargill, which grants them free shared accommodation in SIT’s apartments or $100 a week towards renting elsewhere in the city.

As well as the government’s fees-free scheme, SIT offer a Zero Fees Scheme. Under this scheme, students are required to pay material costs, but not tuition fees, meaning many graduates start their careers without a student loan. Offered to New Zealand citizens and residents studying applicable programmes, students can be eligible no matter what year of study they are completing.

SIT is also home to the most accessible and flexible tertiary qualifications in New Zealand. SIT2LRN distance education gives students the ability to gain internationally recognised, NZQA accredited qualifications which are delivered online and completed by correspondence at your pace. The Zero Fees scheme still applies for most distance learning courses, so you get SIT’s full package, even if you’re studying at home.

Renowned for their work within the community, SIT gives students the ability to begin networking with possible employers during their studies. Many courses offer direct work placement and internships within the community, allowing students to get practical industry training during their studies.

On top of offering excellence in education for a fraction of the cost, SIT is famous for the quality and nature of its facilities, fellow students and equipment; the Institute’s programmes boast industry-leading products and tutors, for quality hands-on education.

So for students looking to call the shots in how they study and save thousands of dollars for the highest quality education, Southern Institute of Technology is the answer!