You can actually learn how to become the type of person other people want to hang out with. Just try being more positive. Choose to be someone who defines who they are by what they like, not by what they don’t like.

Have you ever asked a friend what music she’s into and had her reply: “Well, I don’t like songs in the top 40. I don’t like pop music and if you were an X Factor contestant, I instantly hate you. I hate what you’re about. I hate everything – RAAAARRR!”

You don’t want to be that person. That is so negative.

So how do you not be a hater? How do you become a liker?


#1. Talk about stuff you do like, not stuff you don’t like

I may hate onions, but I enjoy a sausage sizzle regardless, so why even bother mentioning onions?


#2. Compliment your friends

“Hey Dave, you’ve got nice legs.”


#3. Match your friends’ enthusiasm when they are excited about something

“SAME! I love physics!  PHYSICS IS SO AMAZING! Without physics, how would the bass drop?”


#4. Carry business cards that just read “You’re cool” and hand them out to people who need a self-esteem boost

I mean, wouldn’t you like to randomly receive one?


#5. When you’re having a tough time, try starting sentences with “well, at least…”

WARNING: Don’t do this with other people’s tough times. It’s super annoying.


#6. Know that sometimes, life sucks

You can focus on that, or choose to focus on the fact that it doesn’t always suck.


Ultimately, people naturally gravitate towards positive people. Be gravitational.


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