You’ll probably be hearing the word ‘peace’ a lot between Monday the 8th-12th of August. That’s because of Schools’ Peace Week, an event started by the Peace Foundation in 2000.

The aim is to build peaceful relationships among all individuals by getting you, the students involved!

Schools’ Peace Week rolls around every August, in memory of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings. The vision is to foster peaceful communities locally and on a global scale. There’s also a secondary school symposium on Friday 19th August.

This year the theme is ‘Dialogues for Peace’, with schools all over the world participating, including Germany and Pakistan. It’s an event for all the creative souls, with the Peace Foundation providing guidelines on what activities students can do to promote peace and embody the theme.

You develop a project within your school, peers or family to reach out to your community. For instance, in Primary, kids made a ‘kindness chart’ and came up with ‘help your family day’… If you’re not already involved this year, start thinking of some ideas and so you can register your school for next year!

You could write a short story on peace. If you’re musically driven, you could perform a song… It wouldn’t hurt to check out the Peace Foundation, as they have heaps of opportunities available to youth.

Through LTPM (Leadership through Peer Mediation for Secondary Schools) students can take on an ambassador role of social justice. One ambassador, Grace Brebner, was able to visit Hiroshima and see first-hand the consequences of nuclear disaster.

Whether it’s having a bake sale for peace, holding a mufti day or just educating others about this event, every act of kindness helps!

For more inspiration, I recommend watching the film Pay It Forward to see how the effects of peace and support for others on a small scale can have a colossal impact.