She’s gorgeous and incredibly talented, with a beautiful heart. Her breakout role in Nickelodeon’s Game Shakers as the creative and determined Babe Carano has catapulted her to stardom and cemented her as a TV favourite.

Yes, we are talking about the magnificent Cree Cicchino.

Before she became an actress, Cree was a competition dancer. Since the age of four, she has taken up dance classes for hip hop and jazz funk. It was out of her love for performing that she decided to explore acting and a year later, she landed the role of Babe, after submitting a self-tape and being invited to Los Angeles for a screen test. And, although we’ve already long accepted her as a bright, young sensation, Cree is still pinching herself!

It’s hard not to fall in love with Babe on Game Shakers. Her creativity and determination combine to form a stellar role model for the millions of fans of the show and Cree reckons it’s “exciting to see positive ways female characters are being portrayed.” So with Babe’s character being the creator of a game company, she can be added to the list of our favourite and most outstanding female characters, which include bosses, coders, sports stars, inventors and even superheroes!

When off set and not in character, Cree still continues to be outstanding and spectacular. From a young age, she’s loved and had a connection to all animals and has even self-diagnosed herself as an animal whisperer. If she were not an actress, she says she would have become a vet. Super!

I asked her for her tips on becoming the next Hollywood sensation. She says it depends on work ethic and dedication to your craft. Cree reminds us, “It’s not one of those things where it’ll just happen overnight after one audition. Developing a thick skin is extremely important as well. Not all of the response you’ll get in this business will be positive, so you really need to know how to block out the noise and focus on what you have to do. But you also need to know how to take and apply constructive criticism.”

Well, no wonder she’s slaying. Wise words!

A native of Queens, New York, Cree has always known the importance of diversity and acceptance. Through her rapid rise to stardom, she still holds very dear the life lessons instilled in her by her parents. Growing up, she is “ starting to see so much injustice in the world,” where people are unfortunately reacting to others based on everything but their character. With a massive social media presence and the attention of many fans all around the globe, she hopes to use her platform to be an advocate for fairness and equality.

What a divine interview this was and what an example she is setting for young people! Cree Cicchino is definitely one to look out for.


Cree Cicchino. Photographer: Ricky Middlesworth, Hair: David Gardner, Makeup: Garret Gervais, Stylist: Chris Horan.

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