Article and photos by MADDIE PAYNE


What do you get when you put together music, grooving hippies, and good vibes? Soundsplash 2017.

Soundsplash is a three day, all ages festival held in Wainui Reserve, Raglan. The popular festival has three music stages, workshops to participate in, food and clothing stalls, and four different camping zones. The lineup this year included Six60, Tiki Taane, Maala and loads more. I only attended Day One of Soundsplash, but what I saw will definitely bring me back next year for the whole weekend.

It all started off with the free shuttle bus provided by Soundsplash. After waiting on the side of the road for an hour, we finally hopped on the jam-packed bus to take us to the festival. The trip there was another hour, but time flew with the entertainment of one guy who constantly made jokes and hung out of the open bus door.

When we eventually made it to the festival, the all-round good vibe was already there and crowds were swarming in. The music events started at 3:30pm so we had some time to wander around and get a feel for the place. We walked around some stalls with clothing and jewellery. Most of it was authentic and hand crafted! I found that everyone running a stall was really friendly and keen for a good chat.

The stage is set for Soundsplash!

Because of the two bars available to those over 18, the occasional drunk girl was seen wandering through the congregation of people, dancing or yelling about something ridiculous. It is all part of the festival experience, which is a worthwhile experience to have. As we started to walk back over to the music, we were stopped by a lovely Red Cross lady and given sunblock (which is a big thumbs up from me! #foreversunburnt) and asked if we needed any ‘protection’ for the weekend with condoms available. Soundsplash was offering safety in all departments, which was good to see.

Eventually, it was time for the music. Raglan locals Mighty Mighty started off for the main stage, followed by Lime Cordiale and Hipstamatics who both really got the crowd jumping. By the time Tiki Taane came to the stage, the crowd had more than doubled and the mosh pit was rough. Security guards were standing on the barrier yelling at people (which I always enjoy to see if I’m being totally honest).

To my dismay, and many others’ I’m sure, Tiki Taane only played two of the acoustic songs he is best known for. He has adopted a new sort of DJ style that people in the crowd seemed confused about, but they were either too drunk or too happy to care. When he finished with all the banging and bashing of beats, he finally played Always on my Mind and the crowd went wild. We all started to sing along. Almost everybody knew the words and even those who didn’t yelled out noises that sounded like words anyway. The mosh pit was a “no judge, all love” area despite the pushing and screaming.

Overall, it was a crazy experience and definitely a must-do for anyone and everyone. See you next year, Soundsplash!

The crowds gather…