Paramore – Tour Four
Spark Arena, Auckland, NZ
February 13th, 2018
4/5 stars
Reviewed by HAZEL REID


Paramore’s NZ stop on their Tour Four was an electrifying extravaganza from start to finish. 

The Jack Antonoff-led Bleachers burst on to the stage to the roar of the crowd. The five-piece group put on an amazing live set that included an impressive twin drum and saxophone set-up. 

Photo by Shelley Te Haara

It didn’t take long for Jack to win the crowd over (and me) telling the cheering crowd to get up on each other’s shoulders to ‘make it feel like a festival’. In the half-sized arena, Bleachers were able to make it feel like we were at the likes of Coachella throughout their high energy performance. 

As their 40 minute support slot came to an end, Bleachers had definitely gained a few new fans tonight – myself included, I Wanna Get Better is currently stuck in my head. 

After a thirty minute gap, the sound guys’ soundtrack of Shania Twain faded and the lights dimmed to reveal not three, but seven members on stage. I hadn’t seen Paramore perform live before, so I was excited to see them and already impressed with their live line-up.

The crowd had already been chanting Paramore pre-arrival. So when the band launched into an epic drumming intro, everyone went wild. Hayley burst into the light, thanks to a massive spiral rig hanging over them, into Hard Times. It was the perfect way to start what would be one of the most high energy shows I’ve ever seen.

Hayley’s energy continued to have the crowd in awe the entire night – from the high kicks to the interaction with the crowd, Paramore is a well-oiled group who are thrilling to watch. Dancing and singing at the same time is a talent on its own – but add a long corded microphone and that’s an art form in itself!

Photo by Shelley Te Haara

Paramore’s notable 18-song set list took fans on a journey through old and new hits which included Still Into You, That’s What You Get, Told You So and Ain’t It Fun. Alongside original members Zac Farro and Taylor York, the band are joined by four touring members – Justin York, Joseph Mullen, Joey Howard and a familiar face to some of the crowd – NZ’s own Logan Mackenzie. While introducing everyone, Hayley gave Logan a special welcome saying to the crowd, “thanks for letting us borrow him but you’re not getting him back”.

Before launching into Misery Business, Hayley stopped to announce to the crowd that ‘people change’. “We don’t have to be today who we used to be; we can grow and still love each other.”  Hayley stopped mid-song, this time to pick a fan from the audience to have an experience of a lifetime, to sing the rest of the song on stage in front of everyone. Emily, the very excited fan, represented Auckland well – even nailing the same stage moves as Hayley!

After showcasing his stellar drumming all evening, it seemed fitting when Hayley welcomed Zac to the front of the stage, where the multi-talented musician sung French Class from his side project, Half Noise, with Hayley on the tambourine and egg shaker.

As the night came to a close and the chords of the last encore song Rose-Coloured Boy started to play, it was obvious Hayley meant it when she said they “can’t wait to get back”.

Set List:
Hard Times
Still Into You
Fake Happy
That’s What You Get
Caught Myself
Hate to See Your Heart Break
Caught in the Middle
Told You So
Idle Worship
No Friend
Misery Business
Ain’t It Fun

Grow Up
French Class (Half Noise cover)
Rose-Coloured Boy