Oxford Art Factory, Sydney, Australia
July 27, 2016
Rating: 4/5 stars

From the moment she walked on stage, it was clear that Holly Fletcher – who performs as Låpsley – was here for one thing. Her eyes showed what looked like fear, but after Burn it seemed more like a calculating gaze.

Intricate is the best way to describe Fletcher’s music, and last night was a masterclass in her abilities. Writing and producing herself, the 19-year-old seems very much at home creating, but on stage is still not used to the literal spotlight.

A sold out crowd meant that the Splendour in the Grass sideshow was packed on a Wednesday, with the most people I’ve seen in Oxford Art Factory yet. The simple backdrop displaying her name in white, the lighting, it was all just an accessory to the artist herself who worked her way through the majority of her album and EP, as well as a Kate Bush cover.

I didn’t think I could be amazed by Låpsley after her Splendour set, from her banter about domesticating wombats, to her incredible half hearted dancing to Operator, yet her sideshow was an entirely different vibe. The banter was just as great and by the end of the set it had boiled down to her just responding to a shout from the crowd by saying “I honestly thought you said ‘Bacon’”.

An hour long set is a lot to ask of a young artist who has put out just an album and EP, but Fletcher delivered one of the most interesting and emotional sets I’ve seen recently. By the time she returned for her encore – a cover of Kate Bush’s This Woman’s Work and Hurt Me – I was already experiencing a spectrum of emotions. The latter song is one of the most heartbreaking I know, and whilst it’s a sad note to end on, was the perfect way to showcase her ability and talent for writing amazing music – it’s just so good.

Overall, this show was a mind blowing masterclass in what it takes to become a performer. Whilst it was by no means perfect, Fletcher proved that she is about to become one of the biggest names in the music scene and truly held her own in front of her backing band to make a lasting impression during her first visit to Australia.


Operator, because my dancing was absolutely on fire
Hurt Me, because it makes me want to cry and slap the person next to me in the best way possible.
– Seeing my old housemates briefly before her set.


– The girl pushing past me who proclaimed drunkenly “We’re the ones who go free tickets.”