Title: Something To Tell You
Artist: HAIM
3.5/5 stars
Released: 07/07/17


HAIM is a band that is hard not to notice, and even harder not to like. Ever since the release of their debut album, Days are Gone, the trio has become wildly popular. With their old-school style and their powerful performances, sisters Alana, Danielle and Este Haim are all incredibly talented women. Four years after their successful first album, HAIM returns to us with the greatly anticipated Something to Tell You. Much of the album was written in their parent’s living room – a place where the sisters would often rehearse their music as children.

While the eleven tracks on this album are composed of that wonderful blend of pop and indie rock that HAIM are known for, Something to Tell You subtly experiments with style and genre. This is especially noticeable in the last few songs of the album. The ninth track, Walking Away, is a particularly good example. While a number of the tracks seem to be less pop rock and more R&B, Walking Away has a completely new and different sound, and is overall one of my favourite tracks on the album.

Lead singer Danielle Haim has spoken about the process and aftermath of writing and creating Something to Tell You. “We’re really feeling like strong women right now,” she said. “Bosses of our own fate, making our own music, not taking [nonsense] from anybody, writing every word, every chord and every song.”

While listening to this album, it’s clear to see that HAIM has a clear image of who they are as a band, and that they are completely in charge of the content they create. Their songs have relatable but clearly personal lyrics; the album covers lost love, loneliness and newfound strength.

Admittedly, at times the songs feel somewhat predictable, and the layers of instrumentals and sound effects are often distracting. As all three members of HAIM have such strong and unique voices, it would be nice for there to be a greater focus on them. Despite this, Something to Tell You is as bold, striking and sure to entertain as their first album.


Standout tracks: Little of Your Love, Walking Away, Want You Back and Right Now.


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