Ellie Goulding: Delirium World Tour
Vector Arena, Auckland, NZ
October 1st, 2016
5/5 stars


After a cancelation from Years and Years, the original intended opening act for the Delirium World Tour, what better to do than get an Auckland band to open the night at Vector Arena!

After the concert in Christchurch at the Horncastle Arena, Openside returned to their hometown to once again open the stage for Ellie and her Army.

Lead singer Possum Plows, joined by George Powell on the drums, PJ Shepherd on the guitar, and Harry Carter on the bass opened their set with their own All I Really Want. A band described in Possum’s own words as “equal parts tangy, flavourful plus comforting and familiar,” was definitely a good choice to start the night with their upbeat and energetic style.

Following their songs Worth It and Down The Drain, they covered Major Lazer’s Lean On which really got the crowd pumped. They then smashed out their own Push Back and Letting It Out before finishing up with Branches.

Perhaps being able to hear the vocals over the drums and bass would have helped for those who weren’t familiar with Openside and their songs, as the biggest response from the crowd was to Lean On – which was to be expected.

Following a break in which the arena steadily filled up on all sides, Ellie entered the arena from the rear of the stage while her dancers crouched waiting at the forefront. To screams and cheers she opened with Holding On For Life in a black outfit, with her dancers in gladiator-styled black leather jackets and jeans.


Over the course of the show Ellie had several costume changes, stripping down with the help of her dancers to a simplified version of her opening outfit. The most striking and symbolic costume change was when Ellie returned to the stage after an intermission, barefoot in a white gown symbolic of a Māori feather cloak, clutching a New Zealand flag. This personalised touch was a gesture which will only increase the respect her fans already have for her.

There was a good balance with the use of her male support dancers, Jordan Melch, Ross Sands, Jackson Williams and Remi Black sharing the stage at times, while leaving Ellie to sing unaccompanied for a few of her songs. Matching clean, sharp and fast-paced transitions in their choreography with more slow and intimate routines, her dancers were able to make use of the whole stage space, which only served to compliment Ellie’s powerhouse voice.

The interaction Ellie sustained with her audience throughout the show was the touch that really personalised the night. From the brief explanations behind why she’d written some of her songs, to talking about the progression through her career and the use of technology, she made everyone feel included.

Firstly she embraced the advantages of technology: “I started off with some of my crazy women just around me singing in the club. As well I sort of nearly got kicked out… but anyway what I’m trying to say is, my point is, now lots of people are watching me sing and it’s awesome! So if you have a light please shine it.”

Towards the end of her show, she sat down on the edge of the stage with a few of her dancers and asked for it to be like the old days before technology, when people didn’t take videos and pictures.

“Let’s enjoy it together and maybe not take pictures because I’ve been doing shows for like 8 years or so and it’s kinda been a gradual process. In the beginning, it was just like faces and people watching and now it’s quite a lot of: People aren’t actually watching! They’re filming through their phones…

It basically makes no sense to me because they’re just watching through their phone and not with their eyeballs. I don’t get that.”

She finished the night by thanking her band, her backing singers and support dancers, and lastly addressing the crowd, saying, “Thank you, you mean so much to me. For now I will say goodnight.”


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  1. Intro (Delirium)
  2. Aftertaste
  3. Holding on for Life
  4. Something in the Way You Move
  5. Outside (Calvin Harris cover)
  6. You My Everything
  7. Devotion
  8. I Do What I Love
  9. Keep on Dancin’
  10. Don’t Need Nobody
  11. Heal
  12. Explosions
  13. Still Falling for You
  14. Army
  15. Lost and Found
  16. Figure 8
  17. On My Mind
  18. Codes
  19. Don’t Panic
  20. Animal
  21. I Need Your Love (Calvin Harris cover)
  22. Burn


  23. Anything Could Happen
  24. Love Me Like You Do