Clap Clap Riot: All Ages
Old Folks Association, Auckland, NZ
September 10th, 2016
5/5 stars
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Clap Clap Riot started their New Zealand tour with a bang on Saturday night. All eyes and ears were engaged, with the talented five-piece indie rock band playing a collection of their new and old hits. The audience weren’t shy in supporting them by singing all the lyrics and even expressing a lot of excitement for their new song, Help Me

The band had a small break over 2015 and now they have plunged themselves back into the music game, with a new hit and a huge following of fans. The first show in their NZ tour was an ‘All Ages’ one, with support from Racing and O-Boy!, one of Smokefreerockquest’s national finalists.

O-Boy! is a new addition to the Auckland music scene, and features two extremely talented females channeling punk rock aesthetics, inspired by Fuzz and Ty Segall. A cover of a Fuzz song even started their Saturday set: What’s In My Head.

O-Boy! sure are thriving after their current success in journeying through Smokefreerockquest 2016. They played a confident set, exhibiting their killer vocals and stunning musical skills. Their music focuses on a strong bass line and dynamic drums with distorted vocals – which make a heavenly match by combining both Bianca Bailey’s and Bryony Roberts’ singing abilities. Their setup and sound is something quite different to what’s going on in the music scene here in Auckland, and I personally found it really refreshing to watch.

NZ band Racing also graced the stage, with groovy dance moves. Lead singer Edward Knowles and band members Sven Pettersen, Daniel Barrett and Izaak Houston built up the anticipation for Clap Clap Riot and their music had similar aspects that complemented the overall content of the gig very well.

Of course, the night finished with a much-awaited performance by Clap Clap Riot themselves. Lead singer Stephen Heard gave it his all, with perfect vocals and a rock ‘n’ roll performance, even being left with a bleeding hand by the end of the night! Not only did the crowd dance from start to end, but all members of the band were totally immersed in their musical creations.

They played their popular hits So You Say, All About the Weather, Sweet Patricia, and Everybody, in which the audience recited every word. They also played their new song Help Me, which just came out August 19th. Clap Clap Riot performed below many fluorescent lights and smoke seeped from the side of the stage, but the music was by far the best part.

The band received enormous applause from the crowd of young teenagers and middle-aged supporters. I’ve had the privilege to see them quite a few times live on stage and not once have I felt dissatisfied or disappointed after one of their gigs.

Overall, it’s five stars from me. Clap Clap Riot’s popularity is much deserved and their Saturday show was a success. I hope many more will follow!