Broods – Conscious Tour
July 15, 2016
Vector Arena
Rating: 5/5


It’s been almost two years since I saw Broods play for the first time, ahead of the release of their debut album Evergreen. They were great then, but now, I’m in awe. I spent most of the show mesmerised, contemplating how it was actually possible for Georgia to be that good. Not only did her powerful vocals fill the room, her stage presence was fierce and she made the most of the big stage. Her swift moves across the stage were graceful and effortless, despite joking about pretending she can dance.

I can’t not comment on the phenomenal production. The sound was well mixed. Georgia’s dominant vocals could have easily been overpowering. It was lovely to hear the female harmonies from the “latest and sexiest addition to Broods”, as Georgia introduced her. I’d not seen Broods perform as a four piece before, the extra dynamic definitely added to the show. The lighting was some of the best I’ve seen, it wasn’t just a bunch of funky colours changing randomly, but beautifully choreographed to both the timing and themes of the songs.


Photo: Holly Lavery

One thing that stuck out to me was how tight the set was. There were no hesitations between songs, everything flowed brilliantly. The 90-minute set was broken into four parts. They came out strong with a few loud, upbeat songs. The show could have easily continued like this, Broods have enough great hits. However, they stripped it back a bit in what I’m calling part two. The band left the stage and Caleb joined Georgia at the front. Seated, they did three songs acoustically, All of Your Glory first, Sleep Baby Sleep last. In between they welcomed Jarryd James to the stage and sung his song 1000x. That was definitely a highlight. It speaks to Georgia’s versatility that she can go from belting a big hit with a full band to carrying a song with her voice alone.

There was an instrumental intermission of sorts before Caleb and Georgia returned to stage having done a quick outfit change. From a black sleek jumpsuit to an angelic white ensemble Georgia looked stunning.


Photo: Holly Lavery

Heartlines was a favourite for me. Pretty Thing was the first chance we had to really hear Caleb’s vocals and that contrasted beautifully to Georgia’s as he sung a verse on his own. Caleb played an electric guitar for Full Blown Love which was brilliant and a nice change from the synths.

I was pleased when they announced their last song and begun the hit single Free. To save it for the encore would have felt like cheating. The highlight of their three song encore for me was Four Walls. It began with a beautiful piano led intro and ended with Georgia singing a capella.

It might seem generous to rate this show 5/5 but I genuinely can’t think of something more I could have wanted. Broods are tight and put on a brilliant show.