Vinyl is making a comeback, and it’s not some unattainable medium only available in the big industries like the US. A bunch of NZ artists are deciding to release on vinyl, which is wonderful. There’s something so unique and special about listening to an album on vinyl. I particularly appreciate how you’re locked into listening in order. Artists must put a lot of thought into their track-listing, so I like to honour that by not listening on shuffle.

To celebrate World Record Store Day tomorrow, here are my pick for the top six Kiwi records on vinyl.


#1. Doprah – Wasting

I was pleasantly surprised by this album. I’d foolishly assumed that lead singer Indira Force was young and amateur, but this record is so tight! Words I’d use to describe it include ambient, atmospheric, cinematic. It won’t be for everyone, but definitely worth a listen.


#2. Avalanche City We Are For the Wild Places

Avalanche City is becoming a bit of a household name in NZ. No doubt you’ll have heard the hit single Love, Love, Love. The latest album is awesome. It gives off the vibe that it’s been written to be more poppy and suitable for radio play, but it still leans on the folky side, similar to the likes of Monsters & Men and The Lumineers. In this album, Dave Baxter branches out to include more instruments. I particularly liked the touches of glockenspiel and banjo.


#3. Nadia Reid – Listen to Formation, Look for the Signs

Nadia Reid has a stunning voice. I’ve seen her perform live and love that she sometimes starts a song acapella and her vocals hauntingly fill the room. Her music is perfect for vinyl, and her latest album is brilliant. It was a finalist for Folk Album of the Year and is also up for the Taite prize. It’s great to see talented Kiwis being recognised for their dedication to creating authentic music.


#4. Tiny Ruins – Hurtling Through

Tiny Ruins is one of those artists who I’ve been meaning to listen to and see gig for years, but just never have. So today I’m listening to Hollie Fullbrook’s latest release. It’s not what I was expecting, but still quite lovely. Vocally similar to Nadia Reid, actually. Tiny Ruins has been touring the world and it’s just so lovely to see little Kiwi bands be able to do that.


#5. Anthonie Tonnon – Successor

I couldn’t help but think Anthonie sounds like Great North. I think that’s a high compliment though. Anthonie has a wonderful way of storytelling through his music – be it current events, personal anecdotes or social commentary. You’ll want to listen to this one over and over, each time noticing new intricacies in the songs.


#6. Lontalius – I’ll Forget 17

Lontalius has got to be the one of hottest up-and-coming artists in New Zealand music at the moment. Eddie Johnston’s just made his first release and it’s coming on vinyl, too! He’s been teasing songs. I particular like It’s Not Love.


Coming Soon…

The Leers – Are You Curious?

The Leers were the first band I started going to see regularly when I turned 18. It’s been awesome to watch them grow and improve over the last four years. They’ve recently released their debut album on CD and cassette tape. It’s great! And it’s coming on vinyl this month, so keep an eye out for that.


Wild Card…

Paper Cranes

Paper Cranes’ album felt like a vinyl record. The track-listing had a classic a-side/b-side split. The first half: upbeat percussive songs. The latter: more melancholic, sombre ones. This was one of my favourite albums of last year and would just love to have it on vinyl. I wonder if there’s somewhere you can get one-off pressings done?