ninPhoto of Trent Reznor by Jessica Suo

Both Queens of the Stone Age and Nine Inch Nails brought an amazing set to Auckland last week. With a coin toss between the two, Queens of the Stone Age was first to go on, warming up and getting the crowds of Vector Arena pumped up. Nine Inch Nails was soon to follow, with their incredible lighting show and loud electronic rock that blew the crowd away.


Being the first to go on, it was up to Queens of the Stone Age frontman, Josh Homme, to deliver a spectacular performance. He could have just walked on and walked off, because as soon as Queens stepped onto the stage, Vector Arena blew up in a massive cheer.


Rockers, metal heads, mums and dads all let out wails of excitement as the band performed songs such as Little Sister and Go With the Flow. Everyone joined in and sung with the band as they performed Make it Wit Chu. The set finished with A Song for the Dead and from the looks on fans’ faces, it was apparent they were going to sleep well that night.


But it wasn’t over; the crowed still wanted more. As soon the lights went out in the arena, everyone knew what was coming. A very dark set opened up, lights began flashing and Trent Reznor and his crew blew the crowd away with Copy of A.


Smoke filled the arena and a single spotlight was placed on Reznor as the band performed Hurt. Fans rejoiced in finally having NIN back in New Zealand after so many years. From the more recent song The Hand That Feeds to the classic Head Like a Hole, each song was performed with so much power and passion.


Both bands have a completely different sound but the audience was united. Nine Inch Nails fans sung along to Queens of the Stone Age, and Queens fans were in love with Nine Inch Nails.



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