RealMe is New Zealand’s new secure online ID verification service that does two things. It gives you a single login to a range of online services, plus, once you’ve done a one-off identity check (we call it verifying your RealMe account), you can use it to prove your identity to participating agencies online.

Students have been signing up and verifying their accounts over the last few months. If you aren’t one of these people, signing up can be done online, and then verifying your account is as simple as popping down to your local PostShop.

So what does having a verified RealMe account mean? Although it won’t happen overnight,  we’re looking at a future with far less queuing to prove who you are, fewer documents to be authorised, and no more listening to boring hold music.

The account will be active for five years and over that time you’ll to be able to do more and more with your RealMe account. So signing up now will mean you’re ready to take advantage of services as they become available.  

Getting your RealMe identity check done now (to verify your RealMe account), means you can make the most of the services already available and be ready when more come on board.

The process of getting your identity verified is pretty straightforward and free of charge.  The simple steps are:

1.    Make sure you’ve got a RealMe login. If you have registered with StudyLink, you should have one, If not, get one in minutes here.
2.    Log in and start your application to get verified
3.    Pop down to your local participating PostShop with your application number (and any documents you need to show) and have your photo taken to be sent off to the Department of Internal Affairs
4.    Once you get your confirmation email, you’re all set to use RealMe to prove who you are online.

Start making life simpler. Click here to sign up to the RealMe service and find out how to verify your account.