University of Canterbury Business School Te Kura Umanga is “in the business of making a difference.” It’s a truly aspiring mission as we live in a fast-changing environment that expects us to be resilient, forward-thinking and innovative.

Christchurch and Canterbury are New Zealand’s fastest growing regional economy. This economic hothouse makes it an exciting time to be learning about business from academic experts, entrepreneurs and innovators.

“Today’s students are finding out where they fit in a dynamic, future world,” says Professor Paul Ballantine, Head of UC Business School.

“We want to give you opportunities to engage with industry and our communities so you are work-ready when you graduate. You’ll receive the best of modern business teaching, while gaining experiences that prepare you to operate in a highly tech-driven and global world.”

The School encourages you to become more globally aware. Its diverse teaching staff bring world-wide perspectives through their own experiences and international reputation. International business and trade courses, overseas exchanges and the flexibility of adding a foreign language to your degree, all help you to build global connections.

With its practical learning environment and strong business links, UC’s Centre for Entrepreneurship provides the perfect launching pad for future entrepreneurs. The Centre offers Summer Start-up and the Incubator Programme and hosts student clubs entré, 180 Degrees Consulting and Global China Connection.

Studying business at UC prepares graduates who are highly valued, versatile and determined to succeed in our ever-changing global economy. Read about business student Eddie Commons and how he is making a difference.


Eddie Commons, Master of Commerce

Eddie Commons is taking every opportunity to build his CV while gaining the best education at UC. After finishing his BCom in Management, and Operations and Supply Chain Management, Eddie decided to pursue a Master of Commerce. While his postgraduate studies are keeping him busy, Eddie still has time to be involved in student activities around campus.

“The clubs culture here is unmatched throughout the country. With 140 clubs there’s something for everyone. What we’ve got going at UC is really special. It’s not just about getting a degree,” says Eddie.

I’m the CEO of Entré, a student run club that promotes entrepreneurship and innovation. I have to report to the Board, speak at events and be the role model that everyone looks to. It’s a challenging role but it’s rewarding too. Later in life I’d like to run my own organisation so it’s good experience for me.”

Entré is a place where students can gain professional skills, mentorship and support. The annual $85K Start Up Challenge has students pitching business ventures for the chance to win from an $85,000 prize pool.

Last year Eddie was a tour leader on the MGMT228 study tour to China. He spent three weeks at a university in Hangzhou and ten days with international businesses in Shanghai.

Eddie Commons (front row, centre) and other UC students visit Leifeng Pagoda in West Lake, Hangzhou, China.

China is such a different place. Everything’s so new,” says Eddie. “You can also stay on and travel. I saw the Great Wall of China, the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park where they filmed Avatar and the pandas in Chengdu. They were really cute! The fact I was able to experience all that through UC is something I’m really grateful for.”

Eddie says his experiences have taught him communication skills and how to relate to different people. It also provides a chance to reflect on what you’re good at and where you need to improve.

Eddie’s ultimate dream job is becoming the CEO of Air New Zealand. It’s a lofty goal, but he says you’ve got to dream big!


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