Microsoft’s answer to Sony’s Little Big Planet has arrived for PCs, tablets, and Xbox consoles. Now you can build your own games through the visual coding language “Kode” and share those creations with others.

If you're a first-time user, not knowing exactly what Project Spark consists of – and  knowing that you are in complete control as game developer – can leave you a little anxious with anticipation. Especially when you see Project Spark's stunning vibrant colours and Doctor Seuss-style opening sequences...

Project Spark lets you create, play and build custom worlds, characters, and animations from the Xbox One. You can then even continue editing or playing them on a Windows 8.1 PC.

Every element in Project Spark is fully customisable, within a 'brain' interface that controls movement of actions of objects.

Even if you aren’t into the 'Koding', you can focus on world and item building, or simply enjoy trying out other people’s epic creations.

According to Microsoft, the beta will allow players to:


CREATE - Enjoy special access to the ultimate interactive digital playground for fans and creators.
Use the power of your own creativity, storytelling and personality to build unique and instantly playable levels, games and worlds.

PLAY - Experience hundreds of never-before-played games, give feedback and comments on gameplay, and even remix other user’s games with a personal twist.

SHARE - Creations can be shared with Team Dakota and other Beta participants within the community.
Share your creations with others around the world and be among the first to leave your mark on this groundbreaking digital canvas.


Microsoft is expected to ship a final version of Project Spark later this year. When the official release hits, it will be available for Windows 8.1, the Xbox One, and the Xbox 360.


You can sign up for the beta here.

This is a must for everyone to check out! Im hanging out for the final version!


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