The second instalment in the Percy Jackson film saga – based on the successful novel series of the same name – Sea Of Monsters is a surprisingly good sequel. This is one of the first times PATRICK CAMPBELL has witnessed a sequel that is by far better than the first.


Logan Lerman, Brandon T. Jackson, and Alexandra Daddario all reprise their roles as the Thor Freudenthal-directed film’s main characters; Percy, Grover, and Annabeth. The three once again find themselves caught up in problems of the mythological kind and end up on a quest to save the world, this time with Percy’s half brother Tyson.


The CGI-heavy film is full of action and drama that will definitely keep kids entertained.


If an adult, or someone of a more mature mind is looking for a good film to sit down to however, this is not for them. Whilst the heavy action and fantasy are brilliant for kids, the lack of believable acting by some, and the very basic plot-line – mainly supported by the endless CGI creatures, and battles – make it hard for anyone over 12 to sit through and truly enjoy it for the full 100 minutes.


This film is an improvement on the first though; there is far less focus on attempts to put more humour into the film, and many of the scenes do come across as completely believable, even if there is a rainbow coloured hippocampus involved. It just seems that by the end of it, the editors and actors have almost given up. The scenes become shorter and more pointless, the acting seems messier and less believable and the excitement of all the special effects has all but worn off.


I personally enjoyed the film and would probably watch it again. I wouldn’t say I was wowed at any point or that I would be happy to watch it over and over, but it was satisfactory and an improvement for the franchise. I am sure that there will be more improvements in the next film, if they continue with the franchise, and I hope they do.


Two out of three stars.