Gin Wigmore
The Powerstation, Auckland
July 1, 2015

I was among the youngest at The Powerstation last night. At almost 22 years old, this was a surprise and rare occurrence for me (far cry from the screeching 12 year olds I was surrounded by at 5SOS last month), but the crowd definitely was noticeably older.

Gin Wigmore absolutely killed it, her unique voice and sound filling The Powerstation on the first stop of her New Zealand Blood To Bone tour. She kicked off with the lead single from the album; New Rush – one of my favourite tracks of hers.

She had the crowd in loud cheers and clapping when she performed the very drum-heavy Black Sheep. It was one of the very few times the crowd were loud during the whole night.GEN_IMAGE_Gin_Wigmore745_master

Gin also belted out one of my old favourites, Hey Ho. She shared with the crowd that her and her guitarist Dave were excited to be back in New Zealand, even if only for short time (Gin is based in L.A.). I hoped that, on the off-chance, she would reunite with her Smashproof ‘Brothers’ to perform their collaboration, which was one of the best NZ tracks of 2009, but it didn’t happen.

For her encore set, Gin burst back onto the stage with her signature solo drum, to bang along to her old hit Man Like That.

I love Gin, and it was a bit of a shame that the crowd was so much older. They literally just stood there with a drink in hand as if they were sleepwalking, while I danced along to the music – like you do at a concert – at the back. It was a very weird vibe and I wish more young people had come along to experience Gin live.