Born to Dance
3/5 Stars


The new kiwi-made dance flick making headlines is coming to your screens this month. Born to Dance follows the journey of Tu (played by champion hip-hop dancer Tia-Taharoa Maipi) going through a struggle between matching his father’s model of adulthood, becoming a soldier, to his own aspirations, dancing.

The movie has the choreography skills of world renowned dancer Parris Goebel and is directed by NZ actor Tammy Davis in his feature film directorial debut. Joining the amazingly talented cast is Fame star Kherington Payne as well as X Factor’s Stan Walker.

I really enjoyed the storyline and Tia who portrays Tu agreed the movie is relatable.

I don’t think dancing is always thought of as a viable career path but this movie alongside the talented cast definitely proves that theory wrong.

Tu experiences the daily life struggles of a strict Army father who doesn’t see or support his dream while working and auditioning for the country’s top hip-hop crew. We follow his journey leading through being used and having dance material stolen and how that’s dealt with in the adult world.

I believe that Born to Dance shines a bright light on the world of hip-hop in the best way possible, showcasing the amazing dancers we have in this country — recognition that has proved elusive in New Zealand.

Walker’s modest attitude shone through when portraying his character Benjy in his most different role yet. I enjoyed seeing Stan Walker act as well as show off his dancing skills.

I would have liked to have seen the story go deeper into the background of the main characters without taking away the focus as I did enjoy how relatable it was and the portrayal of it.

Born To Dance showcases a wide range of NZ’s hip-hop dancers including champions The Royal Family as well as members from The Bradas who just recently won gold at the 2015 World Hip Hop Championships.

If you love dance and a great relatable story, make sure you go and support this kiwi flick.

Born to Dance starring Stan Walker, Kherington Payne and Tia-Taharoa Maipi is out in cinemas now — a perfect school holiday activity.