Welcome back to the continuing saga of introducing you to all the (humble) legends who create TEARAWAY. We are The Mavericks, and this is how we roll. Next up, HANA EHRHORN interviews our Music Editor, Patrick Campbell. 


What is your favourite emoji?

I don't have a favourite emoji, rather a sequence. The sequence goes diamond, money stack, pedro (the man with a moustache), money stack, diamond.


Would you name your pets after me? All of them.

Yes. I have a vine that lives in a cage; he is now called Hana


What is your spirit animal?

Either you, or a sloth. Actually, I don't think I can answer that with 100% confidence, so I'll just let you know later...


What are you planning at the moment?

I'm planning what to eat whilst I watch the new Parks and Recreation episode. Also, I'm planning how I will survive with very little money when I go to Melbourne.


You can take one record with you to a desert island – what do you take?

I don't think I can name just one. It's between my Islands In The Stream single, Dolly Parton's Greatest Hits, or Blue Planet Eyes by The Preatures.


Who would you put your money on in a fight: Este Haim or St Vincent?

Este. Always Este.


What's your ultimate dream?

I don't really have one specific dream, because I don't want to close myself off to other opportunities. I guess I just want to be successful in something I love.


What do you order at Subway?

I can't stand Subway. I haven't eaten it in three years, and I hate even going into one. It's the worst bread smell ever, and I love bread smells!


What was your childhood fear?

Childhood, and (almost) adulthood, fear is definitely heights. I used to have to close my eyes when we went over the harbour bridge in the car.


When's our wedding?

I'm pretty free tomorrow after 2:00 and before 6:30?


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