I’m a little obsessed with New Zealand music (okay, so maybe a lot). May was NZ Music Month, which meant lots of great tours and releases. Here’s a little playlist featuring a few songs from my favourite Kiwis.

But don't just stop here, be sure to check out the full albums. This is just a taste of some of the rad music that’s being released. I tried to pick some slightly upbeat songs - I’m typically drawn to the depressing/melancholic tracks from these artists - we’ll save those for another day!

A quick word on the who’s who and what’s what of this playlist:

  • Inside Out is the first single from Avalanche City’s upcoming album. Keep an eye out for our interview with them and of course the new tunes too.
  • Sorrento is the title track from Joseph & Maia’s latest album. They’re off to take on Europe next week.
  • Again & Again is a fab track from Paper Cranes' latest release, truly a wonderful album worth a listen.
  • Luke Thompson takes on Miley Cyrus in The Climb, The Fall, one of four new songs recently released as an EP.
  • My all time favourite Kiwi songstress Lydia Cole covers Haim’s If I Could Change Your Mind. I just couldn’t make a NZ playlist without including her, and this was her latest release. Rumour has it that Lydia is dropping something new this summer and I couldn’t be happier!