Maverick Guidelines


What Does It Mean To Be A Maverick?

So you want to be a TEARAWAY Maverick? Of course you do.

As Mavericks, we are getting a head-start in the media industry by literally creating our own magazine, learning and honing our skills as we go. Kind of like an apprenticeship that we dictate ourselves.

We are involved in all areas of TEARAWAY, from creating the content and designing the look of the site, to uploading, marketing and social media. We have regular brainstorming sessions within a supportive online environment and are encouraged to pitch ideas at any time.

We also get the opportunity to go to gigs, shows and festivals for free, review products, movies and books and interview all sorts of people (sometimes famous ones!). We are writers, photographers, designers, illustrators, and film-makers - and we want YOU on our team too.

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How To Increase Your Chances

We get heaps of Maverick applications, so make yours stand out by being as professional as possible, and make sure you show us your personality and unique voice.

Treat your Maverick application like a job application, and carefully complete the online application to present yourself in the best possible light. Here are some things we look for:

  • Professionalism. Even if you're still in school – fake it 'til you make it!
  • Attention to detail. Correct grammar and spelling are an absolute MUST. If we have to heavily edit your work, it's unlikely you're right for our team just now (but we encourage you to keep practicing and honing your skills.)
  • Personality. We want to know what kind of person you are, and what makes you special and unique (because you are!). Let this shine through in your writing.
  • Style. TEARAWAY Magazine is written for youth, by youth, so we want to see writing samples that reflect that, and that we can imagine being published on our site. Keep your writing style fun, upbeat and with a sense of humour – especially if you're writing about something which could be dull and dry, like finance. (Serious subjects, of course, call for a more serious tone).
  • Variety. We want to see what you can do, and what your strengths are. Try to submit a selection of different works, for example a movie review, an essay, and a piece of creative writing.
  • The raw truth. Please don't include clippings of published articles, as we can't tell how much of this is you and how much is the person who edited it. If you've had work published – great, well done! Just send us the original document and feel free to tell us when and where it was published.


Due to the high number of Maverick applications we receive, we may advise you to submit to The Common Room instead. This is a great place to practice, and we read everything that is posted here – so if you submit something that blows our minds, you'll be next in line for a spot in the Mavericks. Plus, we'll share our favourite Common Room pieces on our social media pages! We will also provide feedback if you request it.

Ready to submit?
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mandyte“Being a TEARAWAY Maverick has opened so many opportunities for me and as a writer. I've been able to write about things that I would not normally get the chance to! It is a privilege to be part of such a positive environment with such supportive people and I really think it's important for young writers, as well as young readers, to be exposed to new things and to write about new things” – MANDY TE

elliotdawson“TEARAWAY is a massive open door into the media, especially for young people with little/no experience. As a Maverick I've been able to learn more about the industry, how it works and meet people within it. It's given me ample opportunities and helped me grow as a writer. TEARAWAY means a lot to me because it is recognised so well in the industry. It has helped me get into the current radio course that I'm doing, as well as opportunities at Mediaworks” – ELLIOT DAWSON