Matt Burston is an Australian basketball champion and USANA brand ambassador.  He came from a sporty and active family – his father played in the NFL for Melbourne Demons, and his mother was a great athlete too. His passion for sports came early as a kid, where his supportive parents allowed him to play any sport under the sun.

Now, his stunning career has gone from strength to strength. His highlights, among others, include being a professional NBL player for more than 15 years, representing Australia with the Australian Boomers, and winning and NBL championship. He has a busy day, every day, doing training, games, team weight sessions, ice baths, yoga and still fulfilling his fatherly duties.

As an NBL player, he doesn’t get too many days off and there are constant massive physical demands. Despite his busy life, he still needs to be in peak physical conditions for all his training and games. How does he do it? Tearaway finds out!

One of Matt’s tips for maintaining a healthier lifestyle is to enjoy the exercise we do. Don’t make exercise a chore you’re forced to take part in, but find an exercise you love, whether it is kicking a football around, shooting some hoops or walking your dog. Matt is active not only on the court, but off – with his two young boys and two dogs, he’s always on his toes.

Matt also emphasizes the need to eat a balanced diet so that we fuel our body right. He eats a big breakfast every day around 6 am, and drinks plenty of water.  As an athlete, he also takes USANA supplements, which helps him recover quickly and ensure he has enough energy for the day.

In fact, Matt’s USANA supplement has worked so brilliantly for him that he has decided to become a USANA ambassador. For him, their supplements, which are science based and produced in cutting-edge manufacturing facilities, ticked all the boxes. He reckons that taking USANA supplements are important for his recovery and for him to keep his energy levels up.

In today’s busy world, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be a challenge. Yet, it is so important.

“[Exercise is] vital in today’s day and age, where the world we live in is so heavily focused on ease and convenience. This in turn leads to laziness and a poor diet with so much processed foods high in salts and sugars,” says Matt.

Physical activity and eating well can lead to a longer life, reduce health problems, and generally improve well-being.  While busy lifestyles and work commitments can make finding time to exercise challenging, we still need to make a conscious effort to stay fit and active. This can be as simple as taking stairs instead of lifts!

As Matt says, “being happy and healthy affects all walks of life and improves your alertness at work, your energy, and your happiness with friends and family”.