Let me introduce you to New Zealand’s sweetheart: Liam McEwan.

Liam is an award-winning social media and TV personality. He probably has one of the best jobs in the world – chilling with stars like Zendaya and Ed Sheeran, being on various star-studded red carpets, sitting behind Nicki Minaj in award shows, taking selfies with Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande, and winning Shorty Awards. All that, while still maintaining his humble, down-to-earth guy,-next-door personality.

I was lucky enough to chat with Liam, and we at TEARAWAY love him even more now (if that’s possible). Recently, Liam walked the American Music Awards red carpet, which he described as a “new high, to be on the other side of things.”Other life highlights were meeting Britney Spears, and bumping into Ariana Grande backstage at the AMAs (just casually). His favorite interviewee is Ed Sheeran (can we say ‘jealous’???), who “was so friendly… he spent a good 30 minutes taking selfies with fans who were waiting outside for him.” Liam explained: “I think it was the vibe he brings with him.”

Things are, in Liam’s words “moving fast.” He got his start a few years ago on The Flea FM, a community radio station. He built up a large international listener base, and the rest, as they say, is history. The New Zealand Herald even dubbed him ‘Radio DJ of the Year’ and ‘New Zealand’s third most influential tweeter’. With over 210K follower on Twitter, Liam has become a familiar face for most NZ’s teens. He still gets awkward when people see him as famous, but he realises how crazy it is that he can make people happy simply by liking their tweets.

The social media superstar admits, he “only shows people the glamorous side of things… There’s a lot of competitiveness with what I do.” Like all jobs, Liam’s amazing one comes with its set of challenges. He’s a 20-year-old kid from New Zealand who wants to go to the same events as industry heavyweights like E! News or Entertainment Tonight. Yet, his determination, creativity and hard work have always seen him get in.

He knows the power of social media – both the good and the bad. His advice is: “There are just some things that just don’t belong online and you’ve got to be selective.” An example? He loves his family “more than anything in the world”, but there’s rarely any tweets of photos of them. He keeps his personal life off Twitter.

When asked where he wants to be in five years, Liam had this to say:

That question is the hardest to answer, because three years ago I was still at high school, volunteering at a community radio station every weekend DREAMING about doing the things I’m doing now. Things have been moving so fast. I look at people like Ryan Seacrest and think ‘that’s where I wanna be’. Ideally, I’d like to do what he does, but in my own way!”

One thing’s for sure: his dream interview is Justin Bieber. The Biebs actually follows him on Twitter.

A little bonus for you TEARAWAY readers – here are five fun facts about Liam McEwan:

#1. Favourite Disney Princess: Does Sharpay from High School Musical count? Kidding! Probably Princess Jasmine from Aladdin.

#2. Favourite soft drink? I discovered root beer a few years ago when I was in Canada, and fell in love.

#3. Favourite pizza topping? Cheese. Just cheese.

#4. Peanut Butter or Nutella? A year ago, I would have said Nutella, but I’ve recently become obsessed with peanut butter and would have it with nearly everything.

#5. Favourite social media platform? Twitter for sure. I’d love to grow my Instagram though, as I’m a very visual person.

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