If you don’t already know the name (where have you been?), I’m about to introduce you to your new music crush – Lawson. The four-piece band hails from the UK and consists of Andy Brown (lead singer), Joel Peat (guitarist), Ryan Fletcher (bassist) and Adam Pitts (drummer).

They have a brand new self-titled album out now, and were just down here in Kiwiland supporting Robbie Williams. I caught up with them and talked everything music and life.


We love your song Roads! How did you discover your passion for music?

Joel: We’ve all grown up with musical families: Andy’s dad played guitar, Ryan with his brother and me with my mum [who] plays a lot of music. It’s always been the one thing that I’ve always been good at. The other guys are quite multi-talented, but it’s the only thing I could do.

Andy: Yeah, definitely parents. My dad taught me some chords and that’s how I got into it.


It’s been three years since you released your debut album, Chapman Square, and you have developed a more defined sound. How did you find that process?

Adam: We’ve been touring all over the world for the past three years non-stop, so we’ve grown into a tighter band and it’s made us better musicians. We’ve grown as people. Even though the album got released three years ago, we started writing and recording it five or six years ago, so it was a natural progression. We’ve all grown up and I think it shows. We still keep the pop influences, we aren’t afraid of being pop, and at the end of the day we still love pop/rock and that’s what the new record is going to be.


If you could describe your new album, Lawson, in three words, what would it be?

Andy: Triumphant, epic sounds.


You have been supporting Robbie Williams on his Let Me Entertain You tour across Australia and New Zealand. It must be a crazy time! What has the experience been like?

Ryan: It’s been amazing, he’s just a great guy to tour with. Obviously we’ve all grown up listening to him and he’s been one of our idols, so to be on tour with him – that in itself is incredible. He gets us up on stage with him every night and we do a few songs with him, hang out with him before and after the show – it’s just really good.


What’s your musical guilty pleasure?

Ryan: New Bieber is great! Selena’s new song – I’m into that.

Andy: I don’t have any musical guilty pleasures really. I was openly into boy bands in high school – I loved that stuff.

Joel: You know what you like and if someone doesn’t like it…

Andy: I only realised what a ‘guilty pleasure’ was a few years ago, I mean if you like something why should you feel guilty about it – do you know what I mean? If you want to watch The Only Way is Essex

Adam: You are wrong for watching that, though…

Andy: Do you have The Only Way is Auckland?


What’s your favourite song to perform?

Joel: On this tour, we do Back for Good with Robbie as the whole audience is singing along.

Ryan: Under the Sun – it’s the last one on the set and it goes down really well.

Adam: We Are Kings is another new one on the album, that one goes down well.

Andy: Roads as everyone was singing along to it.


Have you ever had any weird fan encounters?

Andy: Many. On this tour we haven’t had as much as it’s really chilled and relaxed here, I like it. We’ve had some really weird ones back home, where they’ve broken into our van and [have been] waiting outside our houses.


Best piece of advice?

Adam: It sounds like it shouldn’t be good advice, but when people say you should have a back-up plan – don’t. When you have a back-up plan, your head is not in the game. If what you want to do is the only thing you’ve got your mind set on, somehow you’ll find a way to do it.

Andy: You will always regret things you don’t do, rather than things you do do.


What’s coming up next for you?

Andy: Back to the UK on tour and then in America in December. We’ve got a new music video coming out in December as well. January is going to be a big month for us – new single, new album, new Lawson.


Lawson’s self-titled album is out now, featuring new singles Under the Sun and We Are Kings alongside hit song Roads. Check it out on iTunes and Spotify.