I’m a year 9 at Te Awamutu College, where we are pretty much known for that time at the beginning of the year when the cops showed up to break up a fight. The only time Te Awamutu College will ever be on the news. But anyway I’m going to tell you how brilliant and supportive my school has been to me over the past few weeks.

Last Friday I shaved my hair off for Cancer Society after my grandad passed away from cancer in December. Then my step mum passed on July 30. I have raised more than $1500 during the past three weeks and more than half of that amount was from school.

The generosity from the students and staff has been overwhelming. Other students came to buy a sausage or something from our bake sale, and then they gave $20 instead of the $2 price.

I think that the real reason I wrote this is to show that appearance is only one aspect of a person, company, group or in this case, school.

I had people who I didn’t even know come up to me on Friday telling me how brave I was and hugging me.

I even received what is possibly the biggest compliment a 15 year-old guy could give: “I probably couldn’t do that. You’re pretty ballsy”. Absolutely charming. But it shows how close my school is!

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