It’s fair to say Alien Weaponry, the teen thrash metal band from Waipu, have creamed this year’s music competitions. After taking the top prize in Smokefree Pacifica Beats on Friday night, they stormed the stage in Smokefreerockquest and won the band category. Naturally, we had to catch up with these newly minted legends to ask them a few quick questions, after their Pacifica Beats win.

What was it like to go into the competition being so different in genre from all of the other contestants?

We felt a bit different in the competition – like aliens, almost. But everyone here has such a cool vibe that it doesn’t really matter. All the performers were so awesome tonight, and I think that the judges had a horrible job because there was so much talent on the stage.

How have your schools supported you guys as a band?

They sent a whole van load of people down, and we had our music teacher come down to support us as well. A lot of people we know were here tonight, and they were right there while we were up performing.

How did Alien Weaponry form?

Two of us had already been jamming for ages, and then when we moved up north we met Ethan at a circus school that we’d joined. We had another bassist for one year but after he left we invited a bunch of kids over and only one person could reach the end of the bass guitar, so we picked him and taught him to play. Now that we’ve helped him learn bass he can’t leave us: we’ve locked him down.

What’s been your best memory as a band?

Maybe this moment right now. But honestly, we don’t like picking favourites and choosing particular moments. The best times for us are times, like these, when we play with people who have an awesome vibe and are supportive of each other, and even if they don’t win they’re still happy for you. I feel like when we’re together as a band alongside other musicians, we’re completely different people. It’s like another life.


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