Ex-Rangiora High School student Kirsty Jacomb now studies Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Criminal Justice at the University of Canterbury.

I like studying at UC because it’s close to home, the people you meet are amazing and the lecturers are so genuine.

The best thing about my course is that the two degrees that I am doing mix very well together. While there is some overlap, each time I learn about something again it adds to my knowledge, and is very intriguing and relevant.

I’m learning a lot about information analysis, time management – which is hugely important – as well as writing thorough, formal essays and reports. It’s really true that practice makes perfect – the more you do of each of these skills, the easier they become.

I chose Law and Criminal Justice because they sounded like a really good, and interesting, combination of degrees, hopefully with good job prospects at the end. You would love them if you enjoy reading, and like to learn about what is happening in society, and ways to “fix” societal issues.

In five years I think I’ll be traveling the world, or working. There are just so many places I could go and so many things to do with what I’m studying.

If you’d like to study in this field, my advice is to talk to people who have done either or both degrees before, and work on managing your time and being organised!


A typical day includes…

a couple of lectures and maybe a tutorial. As well as reading, studying, and socialising. My study hours depend on the time of term; nearer the end of terms I will do much more than the beginning – an example of not so good time management!


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