A group of Kiwi musicians are raising their sticks to get one of their own back behind the skins.

Jonothan Wilson is the original little drummer boy. Dude’s been killing the skins since he was tall enough to pound a snare. And he’s good. Real good. In fact, if you’re a Kiwi muso, he’s the guy you call for a beat. Jono’s been the smiling backbone of too many bands to count.

He’s the happiest guy in showbiz. His face lights up the stage like a human L.E.D – Jono’s the midas of breakbeats. Everything he touches turns to gold.

But here’s the bummer. A few months ago, Jono and his beautiful wife were in a pretty bad crash. Our guy was pretty badly injured. He spent weeks in a coma with severe brain trauma. Although he’s awake now and banging that hospital bed like ballin’ John Bonham, he’s got a long recovery ahead of him.

Jono’s a human magnet. He’s the essence of love and generosity. But his journey back to the drumstool will be a long and expensive one.

So here’s what his pals have gone and done. They’ve made our guy Jono a little mixtape. It’s full of exclusive gems and material written by a community of musicians that he’s played with over the years. Clap Clap Riot, Avalanche City, Great North, Jesse Sheehan, Lydia Cole, Nathan King and heaps more – they’ve all come to the party, donating a bunch of never-heard-before tracks, b-sides and musical tributes to the man himself.

From Auckland hit-maker Avalanche City comes Giving Me a Sign, a song composed especially for Jono. Ex-Zed frontman Nathan King has also come to the floor with No Stopping You, a sprightly pop ditty that captures the indomitable drummer in perfect terms. Paper Kites frontman Sam Bentley was kind enough to drop a special recording of previously unheard track Dearest in between shows on their latest New Zealand tour. Auckland songstress Lydia Cole has included a demo of Dream, a song she was working on with Jono just months before the accident. And finally, industry icon, longtime producer and collaborator Nic Manders has been coaxed from his studio to debut Tomorrow’s Gold, a solo tune written just for this project.

So there you have it. Nine artists and one extended musical Get Well Soon card.

And here’s what you’re gonna go and do. You’re gonna get your hands on this piece of work. And you’re going to pay a price of your choosing. But we know you’ll be generous, because we’ve got a man down, and we need that man back in action ASAP.

100% of your donations will go directly to the Wilson family for Jono’s rehabilitation.

Get some great tunes. Give generously. And help Jonny be good.