Jeremy Price, an up-and-coming swimming star hailing from Palmerston North, understands more than anyone the importance of perseverance and hard work in achieving success. As he says, “You don’t get something from sitting around.” Last year alone, he won three medals at the 2016 Trans Tasman Tournament. And guess what? He’s only 16 years old!

Growing up as a young child, Jeremy tried out a variety of sports, even some unorthodox ones such as unicycling and croquet. In 2013 however, as a student at St Peter’s College, his passion for swimming was unearthed when he was asked if he wanted to try training at a club.

Since then, absolutely nothing has stopped him from reaching new heights with his swimming talents. He is now enrolled at Freyberg High School and trains regularly every week, yet still manages to balance the demanding training with his academic life. With his unmatched dedication, it is no wonder he is excelling in and out of the pool!

For Jeremy, excuses have never been acceptable. He acknowledges that his diligence and tenacity have been the key players in his success story. “It’s about consistency and continuous training – doing things when you don’t want to do it,” he says.

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Even being diagnosed with ADHD has proven to not be any kind of hindrance for the brilliant swimmer. He is aware that with his diagnosis, people tend to look at him differently. But in the pool, he is oblivious to any form of negativity. His passion for swimming, which he believes is all about self-improvement and enjoyment, is what motivates him to succeed at the end of the day.

In fact, Jeremy is even preparing for the Special Olympics National Summer Games, to be held in Wellington later this year! The Special Olympics unites adults and children with intellectual disabilities around the world through sport. It has transformed lives and has provided people from all walks of life with a platform to be recognised and rewarded for their sporting talents.

To prepare for another huge event, Jeremy has been eating healthier and working even harder in the pool. He is determined to add to his collection of medals at home, but it is not only the hope of being rewarded that excites him. Jeremy enjoys the social life he has obtained through swimming.

“It’s been great meeting so many different people and having the opportunity to catch up with them at various events.” Though the competitors are focused on winning in the pool, outside of it, the atmosphere is very supportive and friendly, which has been a huge highlight for the 16-year-old upon taking up the sport.

If there’s one thing Jeremy wants to remind us, it’s that anything is possible with a bit of faith, enthusiasm, and commitment. “Always believe in yourself and dream big, never give up on your goal and one day you will get there if you try hard enough.”

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Feeling inspired by Jeremy’s story? He is currently seeking sponsors to help him get to the next stop –  the 2020 Paralympics. If you are interested in supporting Jeremy, please email: [email protected] To learn more, visit these websites:

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