Can Titanfall live up to all the hype Respawn’s Xbox exclusive shooter has been promising? Jarred Shakespeare finds out.

Titanfall introduces proto-jetpacks, parkour and giant, gun-toting robots that fall from the sky at your request. It blends familiar FPS concepts with new, clever ideas, leading to a non-stop supply of amazing moments. I have already logged up many hours destroying spectres, drop-kicking grunts and hunting pilots, so I’m going to have to go with a... yes – despite a few shortcomings.

Jump into Capture the Flag, Attrition and Domination (by far the best three gametypes) as either a pilot or a soldier who fights on foot with a jetpack, parkour-style, running up walls and double jumping over impressive terrain. Once you have racked up enough points (or simply waited out the three-minute ‘build time’), you can summon a Titan – a giant, mechanised suit of armour – that you can either control or put into ‘follow’ or ‘guard’ modes.

For all of these strengths – and there are plenty – there is a weakness, and this lies within the ‘campaign multiplayer’. I play games mainly for the online experience, but I also like the option of a campaign oozing with storyline and depth. Unfortunately, I didn’t find this with Titanfall.

The campaign multiplayer’s half-hearted storyline involves jumping from a gunship into a restricted area with no real object-based objectives, apart from ‘destroy or be destroyed’. Regardless of which side you are on or which side wins, the story continues on to the next combat point. (Huh, what? Weird!) All of this over a narrative that is unaffected by anything either team does, good or bad.

Stand up and be proud, Titanfall. This is a very good first instalment of a title that has the power to progress towards a mind-blowing sequel in years to come.

Rating - Buy it !

Titanfall is available on the following platforms: PC |  Xbox 360 | Xbox One

Publisher: EA
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