jamie curry coverTitle: Jamie’s World: They Let Me Write A Book!

Author: Jamie Curry

Publisher: HarperCollins


Jamie Curry has released her first autobiography, bringing with it another dimension to her world. Scattered with anecdotes and pictures of her childhood, we have another gem filled with the quirky personality of the Kiwi teenager.

Jamie’s YouTube videos have given us a shot into her life, introducing what happens when creativity, YouTube and personality collide.

Random yet amusing, and completely lacking embarrassment, Jamie posts videos on anything that tickles her fancy, for anybody and everybody who has access to the Internet to view. From funny family incidents to the antics of her mother, each video is completely different, drawing thousands of followers to her various social media profiles.

However, releasing her first book gives us a more intimate and personal view into a life growing up in Aotearoa.

Actually, perhaps I could more accurately say that her book gives us an understanding as to how she got the confidence to show the world a side of her that’s kicked back, down-to-earth and full of eccentric facials and rants.

The beginning chapter details her childhood, packed with information that a critic might describe as useless – but it’s useful enough to snag the attention of teenagers with curious minds.

Her writing style reflects the workings of a creative teenage brain, jumping between comparisons of random but surprisingly apt life metaphors. We can relate to her thought processes and the way she sees the happenings of every day events.

She covers things like spelling and the screen addiction age, where the synonyms of social have extended to include keyboard, data and emoji, rather than just mingling in the physical company of others. As teenagers in a society of screens and digital conversations, we can relate to Jamie as person.

She has created a world where embarrassment is so common it becomes normal – and isn’t embarrassing after all. Her seemingly carefree approach to her videos, and consequently her book, makes Jamie’s audience feel at ease.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started reading her book, but then again, you’re not sure what to expect when she releases a video. She speaks of being a recognisable figure in public. Sure, famous people have to look after their fans because, let’s face it: no fans, no fame. But you have to remember they also only have 24 hours in their day to live life. Jamie highlights this when she goes on holiday at the Gold Coast. She no longer has the freedom to wander around unnoticed in social situations, instead having to keep her head down, so to speak, in an attempt to go unnoticed.

On the whole, reading the stories, advice, and background of our New Zealand YouTube personality has been a pleasure; why not have a read yourself?