Summer Skin
By Kristy Eagar
Allen & Unwin
4/5 Stars

Reviewed by EMMA DICKINS

Jess’s best friend is shamed after becoming caught up in a competition with the jocks from Knights College; a live stream of her getting intimate with another guy is being projected for all the jocks to see.

Revenge is all that is on Jess’s mind when she gets to college. But what she doesn’t anticipate is the connection that she finds between herself and Mitch. Mitch is a stuck up boy from Knights, and Jess is from Unity. The two initially clash, but as the novel goes on we are able to watch their friendship develop into something more.

Kirsty Eagar manages to capture the essence of college life – the frustration and sexual tension, the lust and the longing for someone – and channel it into these two characters. Relatable for those experiencing uni for the first time, and finding how hard it can be to deal with the constant struggles between the heart and the head, this novel is extremely compelling and exciting to read.

Summer Skin provides the audience with your somewhat typical romance, but the way it is written makes the reader want to indulge even more in the novel, as one thing leads to another and what seems like a predictable outcome suddenly turns into something else. I would definitely recommend this book if you’re looking for a light yet fascinating romance.